10 Uses for London Loft Extensions

While many of our clients carry out loft conversions with very specific uses in mind, some London customers like the idea of making better use of their attic space but aren’t quite sure how best to use the resulting space. Before embarking on an attic conversion it is a good idea to have a plan for the space, as this will affect a lot of design decisions involved in the conversion process, such as provision of windows, type of flooring and amenities such as power, lighting, plumbing and heating.

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Here are 10 different ways loft conversions could be put to use to enhance your home’s value or your quality of life – or both!

1. An extra bedroom

This is by far the most common reason for carrying out loft extensions. One extra bedroom is estimated to increase the value of your London home by up to 10%. It can also mean that you don’t have to move out of your home because your family has expanded, saving tens of thousands in moving costs and avoiding myriad costs and hassles that occur when you move – like changing schools, finding a new doctor or dentist, redecoration or buying new furniture.

Depending on the footprint of your house, your attic space could become two bedrooms – or a bedroom with en suite shower or bathroom – adding yet more value.
Even if you don’t need an extra bedroom for people living with you permanently, an extra bedroom could open up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to your social life. Suddenly, relatives and friends have the option of staying over after a dinner party, or spending the weekend.

2. Self contained studio

A converted roof space can be an ideal way of creating a self-contained living area, complete with WC, shower/bath and even a kitchenette. This type of space can provide useful accommodation for a variety of scenarios where someone requires a little extra privacy or separation from the main household, while still being on hand, such as:

  • Older teenagers or grown up children living at home
  • A lodger
  • An au pair
  • A carer
  • Grandparents

3. Study or home office

Working at home can be great – but computers and paperwork can intrude on family life, and family life can intrude on you if you need peace and quiet to work. Because most computer or office work involves sitting down, a sloping roof space can make an ideal location for a home office. You’ll want to consider providing good levels of natural light, as well as office utilities such as electric sockets and data connections.

4. Hobby room

Whether your hobby is sewing, painting or model railways, loft conversions can give you the dedicated space to spread out and express your creativity – without having to compete for space in the main body of the house. If you have this use in mind, pay extra attention to the window and lighting choices you make as part of your conversion in order to maximise the available light.

5. Allow remodelling elsewhere

If your existing bedrooms or bathrooms are cramped, opening up the attic space with a loft conversion can allow more flexibility for changing the layout on the lower levels.
For instance, suppose one of your existing bedrooms is a small single next to a very small bathroom. With an attic conversion in place, you now have the option of creating a fantastic large bathroom on the lower level but without reducing the total number of bedrooms in the house.

6. Proper storage

Many people use their unconverted loft for storage of seldomly used items or as an archive area for papers, books, photographs and other family memorabilia. Access is usually via some kind of temporary ladder arrangement which only the very able bodied will feel confident using. In addition, there is the risk of damage to your possessions though damp or extreme temperatures that can occur in an unconverted loft. Even if your attic isn’t big enough to be a full size room, imagine being able to store your possessions in a place which is clean, dry and easy to access – while also helping to reduce clutter in the rest of the house.

7. Playroom

Kids love a hideaway to play with their friends, and a converted loft can provide them with a little independence while giving grownups a bit of peace and quiet at the same time. Giving children a space to keep their toys and make a bit of mess and noise can be a significant help in making the rest of the house feel less cramped and cluttered.

8. Meditation space

Even a small loft with limited head height, if properly converted and decorated, can add significant value to your life, if not your property. For many London people the challenge is to find a small oasis of peace and quiet as an antidote for city life. And simply having a small but beautiful place to sit and think or meditate can have a big impact on your mental health.

9. Dressing Room

Many people love the idea of a properly laid out dressing room – even if it’s only to house their shoe collection! But most British homes simply aren’t laid out with a dressing room in mind. Converting a roof space can provide that extra bit of wardrobe space for the Emeldas amongst us.

10. Library

Many of us still love our books, even in the age of the electronic reader, but modern life often conspires to make regular reading time difficult. Time issues aside, there is the problem of storing and displaying all your books. Many modern homes just don’t have the space, as open plan living often means fewer walls to put bookcases against. Creating a library in the roof can provide both a useful storage solution and a quiet reading spot for bookworms.

Well designed loft conversions allow London home owners to change how they use the space over time as their needs alter. What might be a playroom when the children are young, might become a teenage bedsit and then a place for retirement hobbies later. At Modern Attics we can discuss your current and future needs as part of our free survey, design and quotation service, to help you create a truly versatile asset for your home.

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