Attic conversions in the bleak midwinter

We hope you have been following the tips on our blog on how to keep your home warm during this winter and how to combat potential problems you may encounter.

Modern Attics has been keeping out the cold in people’s homes for years now through our attic insulation and attic conversions process. It’s one of the most effective ways of keeping a home cosy, secure and warm this winter.

So how do attic conversions make a difference?

First of all, your home is extensively studied and surveyed. All those hidden problems that you never knew were even there are suddenly brought to light and solutions to those sme problems are put forward.

An attic conversion is not just about making your attic into a new room but it’s about adding additional value and structural support to your home. On top of that you get other things like insulation and a warmer home because of it.

The focus will be on creating a snug and comfortable new space that can be a perfect retreat for Mum, Dad, the kids, anyone and everyone really. In winter they are sanctuaries of warmth and in summer they are havens of light – why? Because conversions are sufficiently developed and insulated enough to adapt to all seasons and weathers. Attic conversions can often be completed in quick time periods. Completion can happen within a matter of weeks and is unlikely to exceed more than eight in total.

Why get one done in winter?

Because winter is the worst time for homes in the UK in terms of heat and energy loss, draughts, frozen pipes, boilers breaking down and many other factors. Considering people spend a majority of their time over this period indoors, it makes the most sense to get it done while the temperatures at this low level.

Okay, so it’s Christmas time and the money belts are fastened. This is the major reason that people don’t consider getting something as seemingly big as an attic conversion carried out on their property. They think the costs will be astronomical but that is not the case. In fact, by investing in an attic conversion they will be literally increasing the value of their property many times over. It’s an investment that can mean a great deal when it comes to selling in the future.

Either way, if you feel that the festive period is just too costly as it already stands and that January brings with it even tighter budgets then you can think about getting the conversion carried out in the Spring to prepare for the next winter.

It’s all doable and manageable with Modern Attics.

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