Basic conversions for loft storage

Not all loft conversions are about overhauling the loft space and turning it into a room with a new function and purpose. Sometimes the only goal is to re-evaluate and renovate that space so it becomes more viable for storage and safer overall.

A loft conversion that recreates the space into a more appropriate storage area is an easy and low cost method and a sure-fire way to make full use of the formerly wasted space in your roof. Generally speaking, loft conversions are implemented to create a NEW habitable room in a property whether it be a new bedroom, playroom, study, bathroom, home office, den, guest room etc. That said, converting loft space so it is a more economic and roomy storage area saves on the amount of work and expense greatly as it is a simple conversion process.

In the case of a simple conversion like this; building regulations don’t always apply but that doesn’t mean there won’t be certain standards to meet full-stop. This is work that can be carried out by your conversion specialists quickly and efficiently with minimum fuss for to the occupancy of the property.

Most loft storage spaces require new floors and joists. The reason for this is that the existing joists in your loft won’t be sufficient to bear heavy loads and as you want a decent storage place that’s kind of an integral aspect that needs to be addressed early on.

What most people will be happy to hear is that work on these loft storage areas can be completed in quick-smart fashion (usually just 2 days – a weekend!) and the loft contractors can implement the new joist installations, floor layout and structure, loft hatch installation, lighting set-up and a new loft ladder.  Typically all of these elements can be completed within 48 hours. These loft conversions are commonly known as Shell loft conversions.

This is one time when doing the work yourself versus hiring the professionals actually works out a hell of a lot cheaper for when you hire the professionals. No time or money wasted.

Your loft conversion specialists will recommend you have a skylight installed, especially if you are planning on going up in there a lot. Some type of loft window addition is definitely a plus. You may even get a deal on it.

Contact us at Modern Attics to get a free conversion quote for this type of operation or keep looking until you find what it is that you are looking for.

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