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Make your attic look more attractive/aesthetically pleasing (fairy lights, furnishings?) for study, bedroom, bathroom/relaxation room, living room, playroom

At home in the Eaves – Loft Converstion Style Tips

When you hear the word attic, it’s quite normal to immediately imagine a dark, cramped space full of boxes, shadows and cobwebs; not the kind of place you’d want to hang around in for very long.

On the other hand, just think of all the untapped potential that unused living space could hold, and how much more you could be doing with the least-visited room in your house. A loft conversion from London-based Modern Attics could be the key to harnessing the possibilities that lay dormant within your loft, opening up a whole new part of your home you hardly knew existed.

However, for some people, the transformation from spooky storage space to light and airy living area can be difficult to visualise. To dispel the lingering images of a dank and dusty attic, we’ve decided to take you through the different options you have on how to style your newly-converted loft to give it that comfortable, homely feel its always been missing.

Of course, the feel of your attic conversion will depend entirely on the intended purpose of your new room, as what works in a bathroom might not be suitable for a children’s playroom, and bedroom styling is a far cry from office decor. Today then, we’ve decided to focus entirely on how to turn your haunted attic into the bedroom of your dreams.

Perhaps the most important thing to get right to make sure your loft conversion has a calm, cosy feel is the choice of windows. Depending on the type of attic conversion you go for, there will be many different window options available to you, from skylights to dormer windows or even french doors leading out onto a balcony.

Think about the direction your house faces and where you will position your furniture within your room to choose the placement of the windows; imagine waking up with golden sunlight streaming in through floor to ceiling windows at the foot of your bed.

Another important feature is the flooring type. Wooden floors can give a sophisticated, chic feel to a bedroom and can be embellished with strategically placed rugs, whereas carpets are great for comfort and warmth. Choosing lighter coloured fabrics and paint shades for the walls will also enhance the breezy, serene feel of your attic conversion. You can even add contrasting splashes of coordinating colours like matching vibrant purple curtains and bedding, or dark detailing, such as  wrought iron curtain poles and bedposts, to add a touch of your own individual style to the decor.

With these major features of your converted bedroom in place, it’s time to add in the little details that will make all the difference to the ambience of your room. Why not choose to add in subtle spotlights or strings of fairy lights around your bed for a softer night-time lighting scheme?  For attic conversions built under an existing slanted roof, perhaps add a few beanbags or deep sofas under the low-ceilinged edges to create a comfy low-level chillout zone.

With hundreds of build styles, flooring and window options to choose from with each Modern Attics loft conversion, plus the chance to add your own stylistic touches, your dark, deserted attic is bound to become your new favourite room in no time.


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