Cinematic attics through loft conversions

Modern Attics is getting its geek on this week by exploring the filmic uses for attics and lofts as seen on the silver screen over the years. In a previous blog we addressed how attics have, over the years, been portrayed as pretty scary places on celluloid. This time we want to go one step further and find the examples of attics and lofts that really played major parts in storytelling.

Let’s start off with one of the most seminal ‘attic discovery’ movies:

The Goonies


In this classic adventure film, a group of kids from a town look set for demolition venture up into the family attic to see what they can find amidst all the junk. Through their search of antique items and old paintings they find a treasure map that leads to the infamous pirate One-Eyed Willie’s lost riches from centuries ago. This was a huge hit in the eighties and spawned a host of imitators, although never bettered. It was the first time a major mainstream film showed just how much can be accumulated in an attic over the years and what hidden treasures can be found. After the film came out it inspired thousands of children across the world to go exploring in their own attics at home to see what riches they might find amongst the dust. The moral of our mention here is if you’re considering getting loft conversions on your property be sure to check out what’s up in your attic!

Flowers in the Attic

Based on a memorable book, this 80’s horror story gave attics everywhere a bad name in the same way Jaws gave a bad name to early morning swims in the ocean. Four children are left in the care of their evil grandparents by a disheveled Mother and find out some gruesome secrets and long hidden skeletons in the family closet. If ever there was a case for getting loft conversions carried out on creepy old properties this would be it!


A brother and sister investigate the strange drumbeats emanating from the attic of their new home only to find the ancient board game of Jumanji – with the power to bring creatures of all sorts to life – including Robin Williams! This, like The Goonies, was a good way to show just what amazing items can be discovered in the most neglected part of most homes.

Hider in the House

The story of a man living in the attic of a family home without their knowledge. It’s pretty crazy stuff, especially once he is discovered. This could be described as a cautionary tale from our point of view at Modern Attics. If you don’t sort out that upstairs space and ignore the need for loft conversions, anything or anyone could end up hiding in there from dust to rats to a very crazy Gary Busey!

Home Alone

This is a shoe-in for best use of an attic in a film ever where Macauly Culkin sets traps for the burglars invading his home. No need for loft conversions here, little Culkin has his own renovations in mind!

Batteries Not Included

A science-fiction classic where the attic upstairs is home to the cute, benign and bizarre miniature flying saucers from outer space that have come to fix the problems of us complicated humans. It’s a great example of just how magical and mysterious an attic can be!

Honourable mentions must also go to Aliens in the Attic where a group of kids on their summer holidays must battle against miniature aliens that live in their attic; Gremlins in which the attic is the birth place of those mischievous little critters; and Beetlejuice where the ghostly Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis do supernatural battle with Michael Keaton’s insidious and hilarious title character.

Attics are places where adventure and thrills have been experienced throughout the years. Modern Attics wishes to continue the adventures in real life through our loft conversions that help to create spaces on a truly cinematic scale!

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