A closer look at running a business from your loft conversion

In the last blog from Modern Attics we took you through an introduction to running a business from your loft conversion at home. It’s a simple enough process for those of you wanting to work and run a business from the comfort of your own home as long as you call in the professionals to help get you there!

This blog is about taking you through the practicalities and essential ingredients of making a loft conversion office work successfully.

The main objective of having an office at home is that it is easily accessible, which means you will want to have a staircase fitted in order to make the access quick and simple. Most lofts have ladders which might be okay for those who are only using it for storage but for an office?! Think about if you have clients come to visit… or if you have a small staff that you employ who also works out of the office. Ease of access is highly important. Common sense would also dictate that carrying office furniture up and down (boxes, files, computers etc.) by ladder would be impractical if not impossible.

Other important distinctions to make in order to successfully separate your office from the home are as simple as having a office door that locks. An office conversion with a door that can be closed up and locked at the end of a day creates a healthy separation – giving you the feeling that you can leave your work where it belongs… at work!

Key elements to consider in terms of transferring office elements into the space are things such as the installations of windows to increase natural light during the day and allow for natural ventilation, especially during summer. You don’t want the feeling that you’re working in a sealed up box with only artificial light to keep you company. Expand and maximise a sense of space and light by the addition of a main window or windows. They make a big difference.

Include your office essentials like shelves and cabinets to optimise the space and storage capacity for all your documents and equipment. Some of these elements can be built in to the loft conversions process if you specifically request them.

Don’t forget about adding in an expansive desk(s) to form the centre of the room where the majority of your working day will take place. Even the addition of a moderately sized, comfortable sofa can add the extra finishing touch. Consider the furnishings, the aesthetic and the atmosphere you wish to create and you’re almost there in designing the ideal office space.

The key to running a business from an office loft conversion is professional advice and assistance. The mistakes that can be made when DIY is attempted by over-zealous Handy Andy can lead to disastrous outcomes, some of which we shall discuss in a future blog!

There are many considerations when taking on loft conversions, none more so than when creating a new space in your own home for your business. It’s not easy to keep a business afloat during hard economic times, but if you have the right environment and the right attitude, (both of which can be dictated by each other), chances are you will find success in your pursuits.

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