DIY Loft Conversions – An Introduction

Some people just like to do the work themselves. It’s that simple. They prefer to be their own boss and run their own show. That is always an admirable thing, to take on the responsibility of the hard work involved with major home improvements and DIY loft conversions. You might think that it’s easier to gather all the materials yourself, make the plans and then carry out the adjustments to your home that will save you money in the long run. That’s how it seems at least. But it’s never that cut and dry.

Modern Attics understands the loft conversion process very well and while there are plenty of DIY loft conversions that have been carried out successfully over the years, they are often undertaken by people with a professional background or at least supervised by someone with an experience in the field. Those that try to do it alone with no experience or understanding of the process can turn their hopes of building a dream home into a total nightmare experience.

The most important part of this process is your safety. There are many horror stories that have been heard and told to act as a strong cautioning to the wise. We all know there are plenty of men out there who consider themselves a “handyman” around the house and plenty of women who like to take on the challenge of redesigning a home, but that does not make them qualified to carry out such a specific and complex process.

So if you are thinking or considering DIY loft conversions on your home, first you must think about the following factors before you even put hammer to nail.

  • Is your attic/loft viable for conversion?

Maybe all you want to do is clean out the loft, paint it and stick a sofa and TV up there… seems simple enough right? But once again, safety is the primary concern. If your loft is not viable in terms of space or support you could be looking at a terrible accident or damage. You need to get a professional opinion regardless just to see if it is safe to create a new space up there.

  •  Do you need planning permissions?

If only it were as easy as 1,2,3… Unfortunately, you need to check to see if your property requires you to get planning permissions to convert your loft space. You’ll have to do your research on Building Regulations that state you must have certain features such as fire doors.

  • How much work do you really want to carry out?

Are you looking to install a skylight? Do you want to extend the height of your roof? Do you want to add an extension? Will you need to deal with electrics, pipes or a boiler? All these things require safe planning and even safer execution.

These are essential considerations to think about when taking on a DIY loft conversion, and just a few of many.

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