Modern Loft Conversions – Eco-Friendly Loft Extensions

All our modern loft conversions are constructed to our own high standard of specification which is fully compliant with all the building regulations. The building regulations are in themselves highly geared towards protecting the environment by ensuring all new work meets strict insulation requirements. The containment of energy is one area which is a top priority for the Government and Part L of the regulations has been updated several times in recent years to ensure that the least possible amounts of energy are lost through the roof.

However, here at Modern Attics we recognise the growing interest and demand in environmentally friendly products and materials. A day does not pass without the media reporting on the latest innovations and Government policy to improve the quality of the environment. There are alternatives to the standard insulation products available such as sheep’s wool. Although this is going to be more expensive, we are more than happy to work with our clients to promote elements of the loft which can result in more environmentally friendly loft extensions. Apart from insulation there are other areas which can be introduced into a loft such as grey water harnessing for the flushing of toilets.

Containment of energy and harnessing of water are obviously very important factors which can be introduced into a loft conversion but the production of energy is equally vital for the future. Solar panels and wind turbines are being strongly promoted as having the potential to make an effective contribution towards our energy needs and solar panels, in particular, can be utilised in a modern loft conversion to provide electricity for the house. There may be grants available for solar panels and you can even sell back any excess electricity produced to the National Grid.

Furthermore, timber is the main material element that makes a loft conversion and we are pleased to use wood from a sustainable source.

Obviously, introducing these components into your project will have an impact on cost but as we think this is such an important issue for the future we have linked up with an energy consultant, see link, who would be pleased to provide a report for you to identify areas where you could be more environmentally friendly throughout your home, not just the loft conversion.

  • Timber From Sustainable Source
  • Sheep’s Wool Insulation
  • Grey Water Harnessing
  • Solar Panels

Modern Attics provide modern loft conversions including eco-friendly loft extensions in all areas of London including Finsbury, Islington, Shoreditch, Nags Head and Tottenham, North London.