Enhance Your Living Space with a Bedroom Loft Conversion in North West London

One of the most popular reasons to decide on carrying out a loft conversion is to create a new bedroom. Many households in north west London find there is pressure on space as their families grow. However, moving inevitably involves a lot of upheaval, while high housing prices in the capital can also make this unaffordable. Extending existing space is a cost-effective alternative.

Modern Attics carries out a large number of loft conversion projects including new bedrooms in areas such as Edgware, Stanmore and all across north London, as well as throughout the city.

Advantages of a Bedroom Conversion

A big advantage of creating an extra bedroom within your loft space is that in many cases it can mean you will avoid the need to move to a larger house or flat. This will mean you do not have all the hassle of getting to know a new neighbourhood, with your children possibly facing a change of school.

With living space being so highly priced in London, many families have to move into the smallest home they can reasonably fit into, meaning there is no spare room. However, extending the loft space means you can benefit from more space.

Depending on the amount of room available within your loft, it may also be possible to add an en-suite bathroom. This is a feature which could be especially welcome if you have a grown-up child or student who wants some independence, or if you are perhaps considering letting the new room to a lodger, bringing in valuable extra income.

As well as enhancing your current living space, adding an extra bedroom will also significantly add value to your home when you do eventually come to move. One recent survey estimated that adding a new bedroom could put up the price of a house by over 10%. If your new home extension or loft conversion is large enough to include both a bedroom and a bathroom, the financial benefits will be even greater. The same survey suggested that adding both a bedroom and a bathroom could put up the value by over 20%.

Because we include attractive windows within our loft extensions, your new bedroom will have a lot of light, making it ideal to use as a study or hobby room during the day. A new extension also offers the perfect opportunity to create a room with built-in storage, such as shelving and wardrobes.

Bedroom Interior Décor Trends

A new loft bedroom gives you a lot of scope for choosing the décor which appeals to you. The new room is in effect a blank canvas, so you can express your personality and decorate it as you wish.

One of the most popular current trends in decorating bedrooms is white walls. White gives a feeling of space and reflects light. It isn’t always realised that there are a number of different shades of white, with hints of other colours, giving a colder or warmer feel. Whites and other light shades will go well with many different styles of flooring and furniture. Another advantage is that white is also a great backdrop for paintings or framed photographs.

An alternative to white is to choose pastel shades for your bedroom walls, such as light pinks and blues. You could even opt for a mix of these shades, an idea which is very on-trend at the moment. Choosing these light shades gives a restful feeling which is appropriate to a bedroom.

Yet another colour option is to use some grey within your bedroom. This is a fashionable colour across the London area and both deep and light grey is often used to emphasise paintwork. Grey can also be included in a colour scheme together with pastels and whites, creating strong contrasts.

Beds and other furniture made from wood and other natural materials, such as rattan, are currently in demand for bedrooms. They are often combined with natural colours such as greens and browns. Wooden flooring is popular throughout houses and is sometimes used in bedrooms, although often people do like to step straight out of bed onto a warm carpet. Putting colourful rugs on a wood floor can give the best of all worlds.

Bedroom Loft Conversions by Modern Attics

At Modern Attics, we pride ourselves on offering a very personal service, to make sure your new home attic extensions are tailored to your specific requirements. If you are considering a bedroom loft extension, get in touch with us and we will pay a free initial visit to survey your existing loft space.

We work with customers in north west London, including Barnet and Harrow, and all other areas of the capital. Our expert team can build many different types of extensions, including hip to gable, dormer and Mansard loft conversions. The best choice for you will depend on factors including the type of property, the area you are in and how much space is available.

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