The great train journeys taken in attics

For those of you who collect things you may perhaps understand the fascination of having a model railway in your attic.   Recently we’ve been intrigued to find that there is a collective of passionate train enthusiasts the length and breadth of the UK who love trains enough to dedicate their entire attic conversion to. 

Over many years, the attic has provided an ideal ‘train’ station for many collectors, due to its size and potential as a place that’s well away from the hectic day-to-day running of the main house.  It also offers a unique solitude and quietness for collectors to spend their hours creating and perfecting a tiny world outside of the everyday.

There are small attics everywhere that house famous railways in perfect miniature form, with highly specific touches such as famous landmarks on railway routes, as well as perfect reproductions of entire railway lines themselves.

We even heard of a stately home a few years back that had dedicated the entire attic of the main house to a gigantic model railway that covered miles of tracks and miniature landscapes.

While these days attic conversions are often about creating extra bedrooms or bathrooms, it’s nice to see that the attic still holds some of those traditional past-times and collections for the hardened fans and are not just about storing a few old boxes either!

Reasons for having a miniature train set in the attic are largely due to space though.  Where young children have been lucky enough to get a train set for Christmas or their birthday for example, the trouble of finding somewhere to put it that would not impact on the everyday living was always difficult – so the attic proved to be a popular alternative to a dining room table or living room floor.

Even today, we’ve found some really amazing model train enthusiasts who have turned their attics in to unique worlds, complete with trains, sounds and detail that is so amazing it’s hard to believe you’re even in an attic.

Apparently Rod Stewart, famous 70’s crooner is a serious railway enthusiast and still enjoys building and maintaining his own model railway in his Beverley Hills home, which spans an amazing 1500 sq feet!  While we don’t know if it’s exactly in the ‘attic’ he would have had the area converted for its very special use.

Would love to see how he has had his space converted, but for now, here’s one example we couldn’t resist in sharing.  Dave is a total railway fanatic and in this video you can see what his years of attic dwelling have produced.

Make way for the train!

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