You light up my loft – Window choices for your loft conversion

For many people, a loft conversion in London represents an economical solution to the growing needs of a growing family. It’s a far cheaper option to consider and take than moving home and it means that you can open your home up to a world of possibilities. When you’re considering a loft conversion or in the planning stages, you should think about what the space will be used for and the right sort of windows that will make the room feel bright and open.

Loft Conversion Window Installation

Choosing the wrong windows often happens when people want to go for the cheapest possible option, which can make the converted loft space look and feel quite dark and dingy. However, the right sort of windows can open up a room with lots of natural light, creating a bright space that feels cosy and roomy.

PVC windows

PVC Windows for Loft Conversion in LondonPlastic windows are the popular choice for a lot of conversions. PVC windows have the benefit of being extremely long-lasting and their durability is hugely competitive in the market. PVC windows won’t suffer against the elements and quality PVC goes the distance. If your house is a more modern looking property and you already have PVC windows installed, PVC windows in the loft conversion are more than likely to be your window of choice. The way that PVC frames are treated means that they can withstand all weathers without any compromise on the durability or life-cycle. Once the windows have come to the end of their life years down the line, there are now PVC window recycling schemes.

Wooden windows

When it comes to choosing wooden windows, it’s usually down to wanting to match the existing style of the house you’re in. Wooden windows suit older houses with wood finishing; they complement cottages or older houses because they add to the character of the property. When you look at houses in London with attic conversions, the windows are always matched to the style of the property. (Except for the really bad loft conversions, of course.)


A skylight in your loft conversion will open up the room and let in a flood of natural light that makes the room look brighter and much bigger. Skylights are exceptional – depending on the style of your loft conversion – because they give lots of great light and the conversion seems far more spacious. If you’re using the conversion as an office, this is particularly advantageous because the natural light keeps your energy levels up when you work in there during the day.

It’s always important to think about the whole picture and future of your loft when you consider a conversion. From the early planning stages right through to the final touches, Modern Attics can give you professional advice based on years of experience within the industry. We can advise you on how to achieve your perfect loft conversion in the smoothest way possible for you and your family.

For more information, please contact the Modern Attics team. We’re ready and willing to guide you every step of the way.

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