Adding value to your home through a loft conversion Part 2

In the previous blog we introduced you to the idea of giving a tremendous boost to your property value through loft conversions. We thought we’d explore the matter a little more in-depth…

Recent surveys conducted in the UK on property values has shown that loft conversions are an incredibly beneficial addition to your property where you can add in upwards of £20,000 to the value of your home. Of course, you still have to comply within building regulations, but the value of loft conversions in today’s fluctuating market can help to stabilise your property’s price tag and increase it substantially. The survey highlighted that 95% of homes that have loft conversions carried out are more than likely to experience this growth in value.

There are a lot of DIY enthusiasts who take on the job themselves in order to create a new loft space but it has been strongly recommended that homeowners should really think about expanding their horizons by considering larger projects. This will help to add the significant value to a home the way people want.  A lot of DIY work involves merely decorating and refurnishing a home, but this really adds very little extra value. Renovations that add more space, rooms or areas to a home are where the money is. You have to invest into your property in order for it to be worth more than it is.

Loft conversions top the list of home improvement projects! Other renovations that follow closely behind are room extensions such as kitchens and bathrooms, then driveway extensions and garage builds. Creating additional living space is always a better option than just giving rooms a new nick of paint. The goal is to increase value, so don’t forget that when you consider improving or updating your home.

Of course, other factors enter into the equation such as the property market itself and whether prices are up or down. Your area and the overall prices of homes might even be a major part of the pricing valuation making competition much more localised than it used to be, so every little helps to make your home standout. If you are serious about loft conversions or any room extensions and additions, you should go all out to make sure you are optimising on capacity, space, function, style and value.

Coming back to the issues of DIY homeowners, we have discussed in previous blogs about the pros and cons of doing-it-yourself. Small jobs are fine and a cost effective way of improving features of your home, provided that you know what you are doing! However, larger jobs can be far more complex than they seem. They require a firm foundation of experience and knowledge to see them through to conclusion.

Modern Attics believes that it is essential that if you are seeking to carry out a loft conversion that you seek professional advice first! If the alterations on your home are not handled in the righgt way you can easily wind up producing a result that is the anti-thesis of what you set out to accomplish – a decrease in property value!

You can read our blog to browse the articles on loft conversion ideas and what works best as the new room in the house. Predominantly, a new bedroom or bathroom is the most viable and successful loft conversions option.

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