Hip to Gable Loft Conversion London

Hip to gable loft conversions are becoming increasingly popular in the London area, although whether you choose this style of attic extension really depends on the type of property you have.

Most end of terraces, semi-detached and detached houses have traditionally been built with a ‘Hipped’ style roof (see photo below). This is where the roof slopes in at the side and will restrict the loft space. By changing the roof slope from a hip to gable end (see photo), where the wall is built up vertically, we are able to extend the roof across to its full width and with the addition of a rear dormer the loft space is fully extended.

On occasion, our clients request that both sloping sides of the roof are straightened (a ‘double hip to gable’). Whether you require this type of attic conversion depends on your property and style of roof, but this has the added benefit of creating a much larger attic space. Hip to gable conversions can also be used to extend an existing loft conversion, and this has the advantage of creating additional room such as an en-suite bathroom or relaxation zone.

Although this involves a major structural change to a roof, in many cases planning permission isn’t required for a hip to gable loft conversion; however, this is not always the case, particularly if the building lies in a protected zone such as a conservation area. At Modern Attics we submit planning applications as and when required and provide regular updates for our clients.

Based in N3, Modern Attics provide a full range of hip to gable loft conversions for detached properties, semis and end of terrace houses in all areas of London including Hendon, Kingsbury, The Hyde, Harlesdon and Wembley, North West London. We provide every attention to detail and your hip-to-gable extension will be finished in a way that blends perfectly to the design of your property. Our experts will guide you on the best finishing options for your home.