Roofline Conversions London – Attic Extension

A roofline conversion offers a cost-effective way of carrying out attic extensions, without the need for extensive building work. In some cases it is possible to carry out a conversion without any alteration to the property’s roof shape whatsoever. This solution tends to be most suitable for larger and detached homes in and around London. In this type of home, often the attic space is already large and offers enough height within its existing shape without the need for a new slope to be created.

With the installation of Velux roof windows, it is feasible to create a roof conversion offering viable living space. The windows will bring the benefits of natural light and ventilation into the loft space in an energy-efficient way. Because there is less building work involved than with Mansard, hip to gable or dormer loft conversions, roofline conversions save on both time and costs.

Even in small loft conversions where the space is fairly restricted, a new bedroom or study can be successfully created via this type of conversion. In buildings where there is more space available it may often be possible to create two rooms or living areas, for instance including a new en-suite bathroom.

Planning permission is not normally required for a roofline conversion, since the roof shape is not being altered and the appearance of the property will not be greatly changed. However, it will still be necessary to comply with building regulations, and, if you live in a conservation area, there may also be regulations over the size and shape of your new Velux windows. As an expert loft conversion company, Modern Attics is able to ensure that all work conforms to the relevant regulations and will make all the necessary submissions on your behalf.

We pride ourselves on offering a service tailored to you, and will discuss all the possibilities with you in detail, before you decide whether a roofline conversion is the best choice of attic extension for your home. We provide you with a free survey before drawing up a free report and quotation, so that you have all the information you need, and we will keep you updated throughout the project.

Modern Attics offer high-quality roofline conversions and attic extensions in all areas of London, including Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush, West Ealing and Fulham, West London. Please explore our website for more information on how we work and the range of services we offer.