The Modern Attics service…

So you’d like to improve your loft… You’ve thought it over and you know what work you want to be conducted and when, but you haven’t committed yourself yet to a particular conversion company.  This, of course, begs the question – why choose Modern Attics?

The first reason for choosing us is a no-brainer, really: we offer a free, no obligation survey to professionally assess how suitable your available loft space is for your proposed conversion and give our advice from our years of experience based on your current specifications and associated legal permissions – all completely free of charge!

Modern planning permissions and building restrictions are legal minefields, as with anything involving great deals of ‘small print’.  Our holistic service allows us to guide you through all the necessary paperwork and we will apply to the local Council on your behalf, even if planning permission is not required, in order to obtain a lawful development certificate for your new build.  Unlike many contractors, we will not keep you in the dark, and will regularly update you on the progress of any necessary approvals.

We are a cut above the competition as one of the directors at Modern Attics is a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, an independent global organisation acting in the public interest to ensure the highest degree of competence and integrity in all members, formed in 1792.

Not only would we aim to create a practical and accessible living area around your specification but we would aim for a result which is both aesthetically pleasing and complementing to the existing structure.  Our service is entirely customer oriented and we will keep disruption at a minimum throughout the build.  Most of the conversion process will take place entirely via the roof without our workers having to enter your house at all until the later stages of the process, of which you will be informed well in advance.

We are very conscious of the national increase in awareness and interest of environmental issues and strive to be as ‘green’ as we can.  Offering additional features such as solar panels, wind turbines and grey water repurposing as well as loft insulation, Modern Attics takes advice from the government and independent environmental organisations very seriously.  This enables us to bring you energy saving solutions that can reduce your financial implications as well as your energy usage.  Guiding you through the options open to you to be more environmentally conscious is just part of our service.

It’s simple, really; nowhere else do you get the same level of efficiency, reliability and excellent customer service.  As the customer, your vision or idea is paramount, and you are involved in and informed about the process from conception to completion.  If you’re still not convinced, just contact Modern Attics and ask for a free survey and an accompanying quote – we’re sure you’ll find it’s a first step in the right direction.

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