Such a pane – skylights and windows in loft conversions

It’s amazing how much loft windows and skylights can transform a gloomy attic into a bright and spacious area which is why choosing the right kind of windows is such a vital part of the loft conversions process. The different types of loft windows or lighting options generally available include:

  • Dormer windows
  • Roof lights
  • Skylight windows
  • Centre pivot window
  • Top hung window
  • Roof balcony/terrace

Roof lights can often be added quickly and cheaply to provide natural light if the loft conversion is built without a dormer window. Roof lights are definitely a solid option that creates the desired effect, but often people will choose the dormer option for external aesthetic purposes an the fact that it provides a better source for natural light altogether.

The installation of loft windows usually comes towards the end of the project after all the fittings and interior work has been completed. There’s nothing quite like standing in a newly converted loft space with beautifully cast natural light streaming through the skylight windows. It adds real atmosphere and character to the conversion.

In the planning stages it would have been arranged whether or not you would be getting a dormer fitted or if you would be opting for skylight windows. Skylight and traditional loft windows are considerably cheaper to get installed and they don’t take up much space. You can choose if you want one skylight window, two, three, four, whatever your vision for your converted loft is!

Centre pivot windows are most common amongst loft window installations (if not a dormer) as they can pivot up to 180 degrees. These windows are designed to fit and positioned to pretty much any part of the roof.

Top hung windows are also very popular window choices for UK households. A top hung works off a hinge that allows it to be opened at a 45 degree angle.

Terraces and balconies are of course options that allow you to walk out of the loft conversion and onto a platform or flat roof. These allow a great deal of natural light to come in but are not as good as skylights (if light is what you after).

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that large windows equal better light volume. Small windows can be just as effective!

Deciding on your choice of loft windows for your loft conversion is worked out very early on in the planning process. For more information on the types of loft windows available with loft conversions please contact us at Modern Attics.

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