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Building Regulations

Building Regulations Loft Conversion

All attic loft conversion and extensions will require building regulations for the new accommodation to be classified as habitable rooms and so add value to your property. As loft conversion builders, it is the responsibility of Modern Attics to ensure that all the regulations are satisfied and that you are provided with a completion certificate at the end of the work.

How did Building Regulations come about?

Although the origins of Building Regulations can be traced back to reconstruction work done after the Great Fire of London in 1666, Building Regulations as they are today came into force in the 1980’s. In England these regulations are updated every three years to keep them relevant to modern construction.

What do Building Regulations Cover?

The need for Building Regulations is primarily for safety reasons, to ensure that any work carried out meets the current standards required for that structural integrity of the building (such as the roof and new floor) so that the occupants of the property are not endangered. It also covers insulation and ventilation, as building work must comply with the rules for fresh air circulation, as well as energy retention and losses.

In addition, fire safety is paramount; Building Regulations ensure that the necessary arrangements are put in place so the occupier of your loft is provided with adequate protection and means of escape.

The above information is just a guide and relates to loft conversions of houses that are no more than two storeys high. The regulations for larger dwellings or apartments are similar, but are much more far-reaching, and may also cover other areas of the property.

About Modern Attics

Modern Attics provide attic loft conversions in all areas of London including Finchley Central, Finchley Church End, Finsbury Park, Haringey, Stroud Green, North London. For more information, or to book a survey, contact loft conversion builders Modern Attics direct on 020 7254 5222.