Redesigning your home – tips from Modern Attics

Individual furniture pieces and colour choices are vital aspects of your living space but they will never cohere as a system unless they are linked together. Modern Attics would like to take you through the tips necessary to make your home a more harmonious place. This can be great for both your general well-being and property value. The goal is to make each room a fully functioning environment that helps to reveal and evoke you as an individual/couple/family.

Loft conversions are only a small part of redesigning your home as it only covers one room. We have talked you through the loft conversions process in detail, but what of the rest of the house? Surely, there is some advice we can give you to help you make the rest of the home live up to your newly converted loft?

The first thing you need to think about and understand is that your home is an extension of who you are and represents you. The main place to start with each room is a focal point. It could be anything. For example;

  • Lounge/den – a fireplace/television
  • Kitchen – a breakfast bar/table
  • Bedroom – the bed/a painting above it
  • Bathroom – the sink/mirror

The best way to judge what should be a focal point for your room is to decide what you like to see in the room as the focus – it can be anything really.

Once you have this figured out start thinking about how you feel about each room and what their function is.

  • Lounge/den – relaxation?
  • Kitchen – work/food/preparations?
  • Bedroom – rest/sleep/play?
  • Bathroom – relief/cleanliness?

Once you understand how it is you want to feel in each space then picking a colour scheme and arranging your furniture is a lot easier. We will discuss colour schemes and furniture orientations in more detail in another blog.

Consider your area. Do you live in a particularly cold part of the country? Are you more likely to experience moodier, bleaker weather than warm, sunny weather? Colour schemes should try to reflect warmth through warmer colours rather than neutral ones.

Once you have decided upon your colour pallet(s) and you have arranged your focal point for each of the key rooms you will start to find that placing the furniture is an easier task. Remember that all pieces will participate in creating the environment. You don’t have to purchase new items, just use what you already have and form a new layout based around the focal point.

This can help to improve the space and size of individual rooms, create better aesthetics and ultimately make it feel and look like a better representation of you and the people you live with. Contact us for more information.

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