A new space for storage in your home – attic conversions

Safety is such an important aspect of any home. If you have young children or if you are old age pensioners you want to create a secure space that has zero hazards. Before attic conversions have been carried out on your property you need to be certain of where and how safely items are stored. The same planning and thought is required once your attic conversion has been completed.

In this Modern Attics Guide for your home we will take you through the before and after process of protecting and safely storing furniture that has come from or is going into your attic conversion.

Before your attic conversion

First of all, attic storage is possible in most homes. In fact, attics and lofts are generally used for that purpose anyway. You may even have random boxes and empty suitcases stacked to the roof up there. The trick is to consider just how secure all these items really are.

If you have ever read or heard those horror stories about attic floors caving in due to buckling under the strain of heavy loads you’ll know just how important this process of safely storing goods can be.

So before you implement you attic conversion you need to go up there and get your hands a bit dirty by sifting through the chaos.

Ask yourself;

What items/furniture have you found up there?

Out of all of it is there anything you want to keep?

Do you have spare storage space within your home (e.g. garage, basement, spare room?)

Once you have established the answers to these questions and you have inventoried your goods, it’s time to start preparing your attic for conversion/refurbishment. You want that space to be clear for when a survey or assessment is carried out on the property.

If you have a garage with free space, use it to store all the accumulated materials that have been sitting in your attic until further notice. If you have a lot of times you may need some help to move everything, or even ask those who are carrying out the attic conversion for their assistance. Consider if there really is anything that you can simply throw away or give to charity shops.

If there is no extra storage space to be found in your house, ask a friend if they can help you store these items until a later date. Alternatively, you may need to pay for the use of self-storage facilities and services. Either way, you need to de-clutter that attic before work can begin.

After your attic conversion

Once the attic conversion has been completed, it is time to reassess your situation with your stored furniture/belongings. You may have been hording a spare sofa or a desk that you want to use for your newly converted attic space – so you can put it to use now!

If you have had an attic conversion then most likely there will be new storage space that has been created in which you can utilise. For the items in the attic that were merely collecting dust before you can now either implement it for the new space or restore it safely and securely in the professionally designed areas created for you.

There might not be enough space for all the boxes of belongings that you have accumulated over the years so there will definitely be the need to catalogue and sift through what is worth keeping and what is worth throwing away.

Modern Attics will return with a follow-up blog to this one that continues dispensing advice for safe storage and tips on how to do that. Contact Us for any further advice or for a free quote or a free loft survey.

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