Scary attics – loft conversions are the solution

Modern Attics are in the business of loft conversions and through our time on the job we have encountered our fair share of attic spaces form the dark and dank to the spacious and inviting. What we have never been able to truly understand is an inherent fear amongst certain people of the attics and lofts in their houses.

So why all the terror? Why do people fear something that resides in their own houses?

There are various explanations for why attics are considered creepy places:

Horror films give attics a bad name…

Anyone who has ever watched a haunted house or horror movie knows that the attic is almost as big a death trap as a basement. If a character tells someone that they are going to investigate a noise upstairs or that they need to go up to the attic to get something – it is pretty much game over for them.

On celluloid the attic is the place where the ghosts and ghouls live; where the monsters hide and feast; where the killers strike; and the creepy old lady sleeps! It is perhaps from all these cliché-ridden ghost and horror stories that people are pre-programmed to think that if they go up into the attic they are somehow going to come face-to-face with their own fear.

On the subject of fear…

Not all fears of an attic or loft are irrational. Some are for good reason. Attics can be tight or narrow spaces that might give a claustrophobic person a hard time. They are also generally darker than the rest of the house, especially if not maintained and everyone has a natural predisposition to be wary or afraid of the dark.

Safety first…

If an attic or loft has been neglected and gone without repair or maintenance for a long time, then the attic can be considered a genuine hazard and danger. People do not like going up there for the very reason that it is unsafe. People have been known to fall through their ceilings from the loft because of rotting wood or degraded support.

Parents in particular worry about their children playing upstairs in the attic for this primary reason. The truth is that every area of the home you live in should be safe and secure. Why be afraid of something that is actually a part of your home?

This is why loft conversions and attic conversions are so important to modern living. It’s not just about adding features to your home. It is about ensuring safety and turning this space into a useful and secure area in your house. Loft conversions maximise the potential of attic space so they are bigger and brighter.

How can we change this?

Ghost stories giving people ideas, natural fears holding others back from going up and hazardous conditions making it hard to use the attic and loft for any purpose at all beyond shoddy storage options; Modern Attics is about changing that.

We can’t take away your fears necessarily, but we can deflate them by giving your home a much needed make-over in the place that always seems to be the most neglected, except in horror films of course! If you feel that anything we have mentioned above affects you, then please do contact us for a free quote on changing your attic from something scary to something spacious.

For once we would like to see a horror film where the attic is safest and most aesthetically pleasing room in the house, because that’s true to how we go about our attic conversions and loft conversions.

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