Semi Detached Loft Conversion North London

Against a background of high property prices, many householders in North London are currently looking to increase their existing space without moving home. For many properties, such as semi detached homes, a loft conversion could offer the ideal solution. Even if the home is on a small plot, where extending outwards is impractical, an attic extension can often create much-needed extra living space.

Semi Detached Loft Conversion North London

North west London was one of the parts of Britain where semi detached houses first became popular, with some of the first homes in this style being built in the Chalk Farm area early in the 19th century. Semi detached homes went on to become increasingly popular, and there are many

older homes in this style across north London, including housing dating from the Victorian period as well as the 1920s and 1930s.

Although Barnet is best-known for its large detached properties, there are also many period semis in some areas, including Edgware, New Barnet and Oakleigh Park. Waltham Forest has semi detached homes in neighbourhoods such as Chingford and Leyton, while there are also many semis in Enfield and areas of Haringey including Highgate and Muswell Hill.

If you have a 1920s or 1930s semi in north London, or an earlier or later home and want to arrange a loft conversion, leading local specialists Modern Attics can advise you. We have already extended many homes across the area and our wide-ranging experience means we can advise you on what the best solution would be for your particular property.

Styles of Loft Conversion Suiting a Semi Detached Home

The best type of loft extension for you will depend on the design and construction of your specific home. However, one possible style used for semi-detached properties is a hip to gable loft conversion. Most semis have a hipped roof, meaning the roof slopes in and limits the attic space available, but changing this to a gable end can create extra room.

Another type of extension suiting many semi detached properties is a dormer conversion, which can be built on to the plane of a sloping roof, creating extra space and also bringing in light via dormer windows. These can be created at the front and rear of the roof slope as well as at the side, with various different types of dormer available.

A third alternative is a Mansard loft conversion, which effectively creates a whole extra storey for your home, changing the sloping side of the roof to almost vertical. This type of extension can be suitable for semis as well as for detached homes. Modern Attics can discuss with you which type of extension would be best for your home, and also assist you with any necessary planning applications. Planning consent is normally needed for a Mansard roof conversion and will sometimes also be required for other types.

Obtaining Party Wall Consent

If you own a semi-detached home, you are legally required to inform neighbours before undertaking home extensions, and gain their consent if the work affects party walls. This legal requirement is likely to affect loft extensions in this type of property.

As experts who have carried out numerous semi detached loft conversion projects across north London, Modern Attics can help you through this whole process. We understand the whole party wall procedure and we are able to serve notices to your neighbours for you, explaining exactly what the work will involve. We can also provide surveyors with the relevant expertise, and will work with you to ensure that party wall consent is in place before we start work on the extension, avoiding any possible hold-ups later.

Do you own a property in Finchley, Hale End, Walthamstow, Leytonstone, Hampstead Garden Suburb, Golders Green or any other area of north London, or in another area of the city? If you want to find out whether it would be possible to carry out large or small loft conversions, contact Modern Attics now for more details of their services and to book your free initial survey.

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