Solar power as an energy source for your loft conversions

We’ve entered a new era in 21st Century living where sustainability and ecological awareness are infusing throughout the global consciousness. It means that we are more alert and responsive to concepts such as carbon footprints and global warming. Modern Attics wanted to be a part of the solution and contribute towards the reduction of energy costs and their effects on the environment around us.

But what about solar power? You may have read intermittent articles about it over the years; or overheard conversations about it; someone may have even tried to sell you it; but what exactly is it?

We thought that we would take some time to explain to you what solar panels provide to a home, whether it’s part of the attic conversions process or an independent choice on the part of the homeowner. You may know some of this already, but it’s surprising how many people don’t know what solar panels actually offer.

Solar panels are devices that convert light (primarily light from the sun) and convert it into electricity. Think of it like light-electricity. Within a single panel there is a collection of solar cells that are spread over this large panel area working together to provide power; the more light that is absorbed and stored by a cell the more power it produces.

Before or during attic conversions and loft conversions, this is often a package that is offered to homeowners as a choice.

Modern Attics follows the school of thought that containment of energy should be a top priority in our line of work. Well, solar panels help to contain and distribute energy without wasting any of it. This is such an important factor when considering attic conversions because the production of energy is vital for the future. As with wind turbines, solar panels are being strongly promoted to the public. This is not a cynical attempt at increasing revenue streams for a product that doesn’t work. So many sceptics cry foul when they hear the words “renewable energy sources” or “alternative energy” because they are under the very mistaken impression that these concepts are a con job!

This is truly a tragic irony because renewable energy sources are not just the genuine article, but they might just help to save our planet one day. Solar panels are helping to make an effective contribution towards our energy needs, particularly when integrated through loft conversions. They can provide electricity for your house and they cut down substantially on fuel bills! One of the greatest aspects of the solar panel revolution is that you can sell back any excess energy you produce to the National Grid.

It’s like the world is given an answer, or many answers, to a problematic – how can we sustain ourselves without fossil fuels? How can we afford the cost of living when the price of energy is going through the roof? – and yet the world does not believe in this answer because it sounds too simple to be true. Solar power is one place where the future of energy resides.

If you want to start helping your environment, your planet and your future, consider renewable energies, help towards sustainability and consider solar panels with your loft conversions and attic conversions.

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