Solving the Space Issue with Loft Conversion in London

If you want to make full use of the space in a loft, there are some things that you will have to take into account first. Loft conversions in London can vary greatly in design and cost and this will largely depend on how your roof is designed. We have vast experience in loft conversions in London and can help you regardless of what your budget is. We have wide ranging products and offer functional designs for the project. There are some specific steps that we follow:

  • Inspection– Once you contact us for a loft conversion in London, we will inspect the space closely and make a note of the exact dimensions. The important thing here is to establish whether there is sufficient room under the roof’s ridge.  A minimum of 2.1meters of space is required to convert a loft into a habitable room, with enough headroom. We will also check the roof for signs of rainwater.
  • Budgeting– If any roof repair is required, we will have to factor that into the quote that is provided to you. The repairs can be carried out when the loft conversion takes place. The rest of the budget will be allocated towards other elements such as windows etc.
  • Regulations– We ensure that all the building control regulations are adhered to. This is a requirement if an attic space has to be considered for a loft conversion in London. We will ensure that our design and construction meets all the regulatory guidelines and also toe the line in terms of safety and health laws. We handle the project from start to finish and all the necessary paperwork is also handled by us. This takes the hassle out of the project for you.

A Matter of Value

A Loft conversion in London can increase the value of your house by around 20% and that is one more reason to consider it. If you have a growing family and are thinking of moving to a bigger home, consider a loft conversion instead. It will save you the trouble of moving and you can also convert the space on a small budget. Attic spaces can be converted into liveable and beautiful bedrooms, bathrooms, play areas, studies or anything else you like. It’s a great way to add dimension to the existing space and make full use of your property.

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