Sort it out and make way for attic conversions

Assorted boxes, unlabeled and time worn, interspersed with bags, photo frames, old travelling cases and a selection of unidentified piles of items you never knew you had…sound familiar?

Many of us could have a small boat or something of a similar volume hidden under the junk we have lying around in our attics for all we know. But is there anything of any use really up there? How much of the contents of your attic actually belong there, and how much belongs in the bin or elsewhere? You guessed it… Modern Attics are stepping in to give you a guide to sorting out the contents of your attic!

There are quite a few reasons why someone would want to tidy up their attic. Perhaps you’re considering converting your attic to make an extra bedroom and you need to get rid of as much of its contents as possible so your new sleeping area has enough room to put a bed! Maybe you’re having cavity wall insulation or some other home improvement and just need to make enough room for the workers to get in? Whatever your reason, it’s good to work to a plan when undergoing a process such as this. Systems work!

First of all, and possibly most difficult of all, clear your loft out. If you’re going to be rearranging and tidying up you need to know what space you have available before you begin – it’s also an awful lot easier to deal with your stashed away possessions when you don’t have to crouch under beams or worry where your footing is while clumsily gripping a torch, for example.

The next step is to separate the contents of your loft simply into what you feel you absolutely have to keep and what you feel you can get rid of. This is quite a sensitive stage – don’t be afraid to be a little bit ruthless here (after all, if it’s been untouched for that long, what are the chances you’ll use that trouser press again?), but equally don’t get overzealous when it comes to sentimental objects, especially when they’re sentimental to other people. If you come across photo albums, books, collectibles or generally anything that looks fairly old, ask your family about it. It may be that they will offer to take things off your hands if you personally have no use for them.

Next, sort the items you’re keeping into (preferably plastic) boxes to protect them a little, before carefully replacing them. Remember to put the items you’re less likely to need access to at the back or at the bottom of stacks, and don’t forget to label the boxes so you can find anything you may end up needing at a later date. Additionally you should decide on the fate of the loft-dwelling items you no longer need – charity shops will accept a great deal of books, clothes and other useful things as donations, which is a much better thing to do than simply throwing them away.

Once you’ve tidied your attic, you may consider contacting us to arrange a free survey and quotation for any extension or attic conversion ideas you may have – don’t hesitate to choose Modern Attics.

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