A stairway to heaven – Choosing a staircase for your attic conversion

An attic conversion in London or anywhere in fact isn’t a simple job. From planning permissions and contractors to roof-styles and other issues, an attic conversion can be a difficult process. When you get it done, however, the benefits are enormous.

One of the key aspects of making your conversion a smooth process is getting the access right and choosing a suitable staircase. The access is a hugely important issue for a conversion, as the access has to adhere to strict regulations.

So, where to start?

Getting a staircase installed is the major milestone in the conversion process for the most simple of reasons it connects your attic space to the rest of the home! From introducing this staircase as a permanent fixture you define your attic conversion as more than just a space for storage but you define it as another room!

The main reason for a staircase being installed is to do with adhering fire safety. The fire safety of your home will also be paramount to ensure that the necessary arrangements are put into place for the occupier of your loft to be provided with adequate protection and means of escape.

Factors to consider

When planning for attic conversions, the installation of a staircase will bring into play a number of decisive factors that will need to be addressed;

  • Airing cupboard – will it need replacing/removing?
  • Open up the ceiling – expanding or making a new attic hatch opening for the staircase to join up with. Ceiling removal will most likely be required.
  • Light – ensuring that this staircase has enough light is very important. Consider light sources (windows, bulbs, natural, artificial etc.)

Attic conversions often include staircase installation in the conversions process. In fact it is usually the first stage of an attic conversion; the construction of a staircase up to the loft.

Attic conversions staircases are governed by building regulations, which means they must be built to particular specifications in terms of architectural details.

Staircase design

There are different types of staircases that can be implemented. Such types include;

  • Enclosed staircase
  • Open staircase
  • Circular/spiral
  • Paddle stairs
  • Space saver stairs

The design elements of the staircase that may be influenced include:

  • Stairway
  • Handrail
  • Steps
  • Under-stair design
  • Top of enclosed staircase e.g. as a ledge/shelf
  • Banister
  • Stair door
  • Carpet options

Building the staircase is an essential part of the attic conversions process. For more information on attic conversions please Contact Us.

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