Teenager’s den or children’s playroom in the loft?

If you’re thinking that you’re outgrowing your traditional living space then a loft conversion can offer a solution that will not only mean more space but that could also add value to your home.

And when they do finally leave home, if you’ve no plans to move on, it can easily be turned in to your hobby room or very own den, when you want to get some peace and quiet.

The excitement for any child when they have their very own loft playroom or den is a journey itself.  Imagination plays a big part of children’s lives and having a loft conversion done could give them hours and hours of adventure in their very own private kingdom.

You will of course want to ensure that safety precautions are taken (so it’s worth getting your loft conversion professionally done) to assist you with the building regulations involved but once that is done you can be free to work with your children to work out what they want from their new play area.

Your imagination is the only thing that will hold you back, so why not opt for bright colours, or even a mural on the wall so that your child can literally create their own forest and let their imaginations run wild.

You can create different areas in the loft for them  – perhaps a television for rainy days or a PC for surfing the Internet in a controlled manner and you could even install an ipod docking system so they can dance their days away.

Bean bags are great accessories for any loft conversion and are particularly exciting for children to sit and lounge on with their friends.

The only thing you may want to do is ensure you have the floor sound proofed.  If they’re playing King of the Castle and running about it could sound like a herd of elephants upstairs during play time.

Having a den means that you can make it uber safe for the children and know that they are in a controlled environment safe from harm, giving you more time to get on with the other tasks at hand.

You may find that your children disappear frequently of course, but they will find their own sense of independence easily and hopefully if you instil a few rules early on it’ll be a harmonious change to the house.

For any advice on loft conversions aimed at children and teens do contact Modern Attics for advice and impartial tips any time.

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