Waste of space? Ideas for attic conversions Part 3: Changing rooms

In our previous two blogs in this series we addressed the process of checking to see if your attic is suitable for conversion and then to consider the options of what you want to have done with it.

Today’s blog focuses on the types of rooms that are suitable for attic conversions. Here is a brief but comprehensive list of potential uses that attic conversions can give you:

Den: A room that is designated for your teenage kids and their friends when they are hanging out at the house, or for your own use just to relax and watch television on a sofa. It gives a bit more privacy than the average den or lounge and works nicely as entertainment area.

Playroom: This one is for the young kids from toddlers to pre-teens. It’s an area that can be tailored so the children will have room to play and not get in the way! Playrooms are made to be safe and child-friendly.

Guest room: This is the most popular choice for attic conversions in general. Depending on the size of the attic space the guest room can have so many benefits to families who have guests come and stay or if they ever want to earn extra income by renting out the rooms. Sometimes there is even the facility and space to create en-suites within the conversion.

Bathroom: There are many people who choose to have new bathrooms or even spas in their attic conversions. Most lofts have at least the minimum space for a shower bath and basin. The plumbing requirements of doing this are not usually that complex.

Study: Perhaps less common is the choice to have a study upstairs. It’s a good idea if someone works from home or needs an office to business out of. Studies are generally good for getting some private time.

Just remember to work with professionals…

As we have mentioned loft conversions are big jobs that require serious professionals to implement and carry out your wishes. You may have to compromise on certain details due to cost or structural considerations, but any decent firm will be able to tell you what is practical and what is achievable. Watch out for cowboy contractors! Always shop around for free quotes just to be certain you are getting the right deal for the best value. Bear in mind that cost and value are not interchangeable concepts; you are investing in your own house so remember that you can never beat experienced pros. Costs vary depending on many factors from where you live to the complexity of the design.

Modern Attics is available to give you advice any time you need it. Contact us for further information or for a free quote on attic conversions. Keep your eye out for the follow-up blogs in this Waste of space series where we go into further detail about the designs you can have and their benefits to your home.

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