Windows make a difference in attic conversions

Not every attic conversion involves the installation of windows. Some attic conversions are simply lit by newly installed electrical fittings. However, converting your attic or extending your home allows an opportunity to make improvements in a number of areas. Light is a major one!

The more light that a room has; the brighter, warmer and more spacious the attic conversion will appear. Windows tend to increase value too. This should be a major consideration – not an afterthought. Plan ahead and incorporate windows into the design.

There are different varieties of windows that you can select from depending on the requirements of your home and the conversions process.

The most common attic windows are dormers, which you may have heard of already. A dormer is a window that extends from a sloped roof that consists of a vertical window and gable. The reason behind the dormer’s continued popularity is that they add extra space in terms of head height and to strategic spots in the attic. A dormer is designed to adhere to safety rules and regulations.

Other window options include the installation of a skylight, which adds an extreme sense of modernity to the conversion. Skylights are essentially just roof windows that allow for extra direct sunlight and double as effective fire escape routes or access panels.

Modular windows act as an in-between of normal windows and skylights that can be designed to create custom designed bank or column of windows supported by the roof structure.

The standard for all window installations is for the glass to be double glazed in order to increase insulation and reduce heat loss. After all, the roof is the major area for a majority of energy loss in the home.

There are choice design options that include shutters and screens. The shutters are electronically operated that add increased protection in terms of security and the elements. Shutters designed to specification can be made to eliminate light entirely when shut and also be soundproof as to block out all external noises. This can particularly useful if the attic conversion is becoming a study.

The building of windows in an attic that previously had none is quite often a staged process and can be made to suit individual requirements and planning permission specifications.

Windows are about opening up this once confined space to make it seem like an open, inviting and spacious new area that can be used for a variety of new applications and purposes.

We’ll admit that most attic conversions already have a considerable number of factors to take into account when planning, but Modern Attics really places windows as a must-have on the list of considerations above many others. Make sure you discuss the installation of your attic windows with the people carrying out your home extensions and conversions work to see what will work best for your home and for you.

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