New Year and New Look from Modern Attics

Although January is notorious for being the most depressing time of the year, it could actually be one of the most perfect times of year for investing in the home improvements you need. The new year is when you can actually take the moments to reassess your life and make plans for a bright new year ahead. This is usually the point where people look at their homes with a critical eye and consider how they can make improvements to their current living situation without having to move out.


Conversion of your loft can reinvigorate and inject your London home with a renewed sense of life.


New beginning  


Every loft conversion that Modern Attics undertakes in London is based on the needs and wants of the owners. We offer our expertise, but we will take your lead on what you want for your conversion. Let the new year be the moment when you give your entire home a new look and create brand new living spaces for the family. It’s the perfect time to have the move around you’ve been craving and gives you much more space to play with.


Time needed


People worry about the disruption to their lives when it comes to conversions of their loft space. Every conversion is different; there are no firm guarantees that job X will take Y amount of time. The time needed for the conversion of your loft varies dependent on the style of roof, the condition of your loft. In fundamental and basic terms, the stages of construction are very similar no matter what size the project is. The loft will be constructed using our standard specification.


Once all the necessary permissions are obtained and we are ready to start we will introduce you to the loft builder and we will discuss a more detailed plan of action for the construction of your new loft conversion. Like any building work, there will always be some disruption to the normal flow of everyday life in your home, but Modern Attics has the professional skill and experience to reduce that down to a bare minimum.

Choosing the style of your conversion is usually down to the type of roof you have. Modern Attics has experience in building all types of loft conversion from inception through to completion of the project.


Opting to have your loft converted could be the perfect way to step into January 2012 with a functional new space and a new look for your house. Modern Attics has years of professional experience in building loft conversions. To learn more about how we could help you refresh your home, contact us here.

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