EXPERIENCE – Is Modern Attics a specialist loft company?

We specialise in designing and constructing loft conversions and the loft builders have many years experience in this field. We are also qualified to build extensions and we have separate teams for these projects.

FEASIBILITY – How do I know if I can convert my loft?

If you have got about 2.4m height in the loft you will be able to convert your loft but even with less we can help you to maximize the potential of your loft.

ESTIMATE – Will you provide a free estimate ?

Our feasibility survey and quote is free estimate if you own a property within the Greater London area and around the M25.

STATUTORY CONSENTS – Can you do all the drawings and deal with the relevant local authorities?

We use experienced loft and extension designers that prepare all the drawings and calculations and submit all necessary applications to the Council’s to obtain the relevant permissions. Many lofts and extensions do not need planning permission but all will require building regulations.

TIMING – How long does the planning process take?

It normally takes approximately 2-3 months but depends on your local Council.

SUPERVISION – Is there one point of contact throughout the whole process?

One of our directors and dedicated site supervisors will lead you through the whole procedure from initial survey through to completion. Regular inspections are carried out and the building team foreman will keep you informed throughout works.

REFERENCES – Can I see a completed loft or extension?

We will put you into contact with previous clients who will be happy to provide references and for you to view their completed project.

DURATION – How long does the building process take?

As an average the work normally takes about six weeks for a standard terrace house but longer if the property is larger such as detached. Extension normally take longer to build then loft conversion. We will give you an estimate of the build period once we have been called out to assess your project.

CLIMATE – Will the build be affected by the weather?

We work throughout the year and are careful to ensure any exposed areas are protected to keep the building water tight throughout the work. However, you should expect some inconvenience and during heavy rainfall water ingress can occur but we will be on call to attend to any problems.

COMMENCEMENT – How quickly can you start?

We can normally start within a month of the relevant permissions being obtained but this can be altered to start sooner depending on our programme

UPHEAVAL – Will we have to move out during the building works?

For lofts, the disruption is managed to minimum levels by mostly accessing the property from the outside. Your building team will tidy up at the end of every working day. A large percentage of our customers are families with young children so we know how important it is to keep the household as normal as possible during the work. However, there will be times when inconvenience and disruption cannot be avoided.This is more so for extensions and we will discuss the implications with you.

EXTRAS – Can your builders do extra works while they are on the premises?

Yes we are prepared to do some additional works subject to our prior agreement. We can help you source reliable heating engineers,decorators and other trades if required for other home improvements in addition to the loft.

HEATING SYSTEM – Will your plumbers upgrade our boiler if necessary?

We will be happy to arrange for our CORGI registered plumbers to assess your boiler, and give you a quote for any upgrade required.

OTHER COSTS – What other costs do I need to budget for?

You will need consider bathroom suites, decoration/tiling and final floor coverings.

GUARANTEES – What guarantees can you provide?

We can provide a ten year guarantee.