Garage Loft Conversions Edgware

Are you looking to create extra living space in your London property? One popular solution is to extend your home’s attic, while garage loft conversions are also increasingly in demand. Many people living in Edgware and other nearby districts of north west London, including Burnt Oak and Stanmore, are reluctant to move house because of a shortage of suitable properties to move to, as well as high prices making it hard to fund a move. These factors mean it can often be more cost-effective to adapt your existing home.


Modern Attics specialise in all types of loft conversions around the capital, including extending garages. We can advise you on whether planning permission is necessary and which type of loft extension would be best for your property.

Reasons for a Garage Loft Conversion

There are various possible uses for a loft extension above a garage, which will usually be smaller than a full home attic conversion. Typically, this type of extension will create a spacious room which could be used for a study or office. This has the advantages of being separate from your main house and self-contained, so that you when you enter this space you feel you have “gone to work”.

The roof space over the garage is also a popular place to add a spare bedroom, or alternatively it could be used as a student bedsit, if you have an adult son or daughter still living at home. Many London students now opt to attend local universities and study at home, so a study bedroom separate from the family house would be ideal for them, as it again feels more separate and gives them their own space.

Another reason for bringing the space above your garage into use is to turn it into a loft storage conversion. This is a good solution if your garage is getting full with items which need storing, so that you can’t fit the car in. A conversion for storage could also be the best way to use the space if the roof height isn’t adequate for a bedroom.

What Do Garage Loft Conversions Involve?

If you are thinking of carrying out a garage loft conversion, you first need to look at whether your loft is suitable and how big a room can be created. This will depend on the size and style of garage, for example whether it is a single or a double garage, and the amount of head room.

Modern Attics are highly experienced loft conversion specialists, so we can advise you on whether your garage is suitable for conversion and how best to go about it. Various different styles of loft extension could be suitable, depending on the amount of space available. Dormer, hip to gable and Mansard roof extensions can all be used for lofts over garages.

Installing Velux windows is a popular solution, especially if you have good head room. We will look at where it is possible to install windows in the roof to get the maximum amount of light into the room. Another consideration is where to install the stairs. If the garage itself is being used to store your car, the best solution may be to put a staircase at the side rather than taking away space inside.

It is also important to check the regulatory position over extending your loft. You may not need planning permission if you are just using existing roof space. However, you may need it if you are actually building on to the existing roof and extending the space. For instance, a Mansard roof conversion will normally require planning permission. You will also need to conform with building regulations and check for restrictive clauses in leases. People in listed buildings or conservation areas, including the Stanmore and Edgware conservation area, also need to check on any extra restrictions and Modern Attics can help you over this.

The roof itself is likely to need upgrading to take the extra weight and be of the right standard for living space. Flat roofs will need to be ventilated and pitched roofs will need additional insulation to be installed.

If you want to arrange garage loft conversions in Edgware, other districts within the borough of Barnet or any other part of north London, Modern Attics are experts in this field. We can also install many other types of quality attic extensions in the HA8 postcode area and across London.

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