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Top Tips on Going Green with Your Loft Conversion

Top Tips on Going Green with Your Loft Conversion

Do you want to install a really eco friendly loft conversion? Converting the loft is an environmentally responsible move in itself, since you will be making better use of existing space, while building regulations mean all work will have to comply with modern regulations on insulation. But there are also various ways to make your new loft conversion even greener.


Loft conversion specialists Modern Attics can extend or convert your property in north west London or any other part of the capital, depending on your individual needs as well as the size and shape of your property. Here we have put together some ideas for the environmentally-friendly householder who wants to create more space in their own home, rather than go through the difficulties of moving.

What you can actually do may depend on the building, but here are some general pointers. We can advise you on the options for your particular site.

  • Solar Power: Don’t forget about the outside as well as the inside of your home. Installing solar panels on the roof of your loft as part of the conversion can cut your electricity bills – or even pay the bill for the whole of the rest of the house – and you can also sell back any excess power to the National Grid. Panels need not necessarily be easily visible to the world outside.
  • Using Natural Light: Certain types of work such as roofline attic conversions also have plenty of green credentials. This kind of work usually does not involve altering the roof shape, as the loft space is already large enough. Using Velux windows as part of the work will bring in more natural light, which can again mean lower electricity bills. Mansard, dormer loft and hip to gable conversions all can incorporate windows too.
  • Harnessing Waste Water: Re-using water which has already been used in your home’s sinks, bathtubs and showers – commonly known as grey water – can be redirected to flush toilets in your home, cutting back on your water bills. A system to achieve this can be installed as part of a loft conversion project. When carrying out work on a roof, it is also possible to make use of rainwater collecting via guttering and direct it into a tank, again using it for flushing toilets.
  • Using Sheep’s Wool for Winter Warmth: For a more natural insulation alternative, you could use sheep’s wool rather than conventional products. Sheep’s wool is a natural, recyclable material. It also scores over some artificial alternatives, as it can absorb moisture but does not lose any of its insulating properties. And remember – what keeps the cold out in winter keeps the warmth out in summer.
  • Think Wood: Timber is one of the main features of any loft conversion, as it allows the new space to ‘breathe’ with good air circulation and looks attractive in its own right. At Modern Attics, we are happy to use wood from sustainable sources.
  • Eco Friendly Fixtures and Fittings: You can make sure items inside the conversion or extension are ‘green’, depending on what you are going to use your attic conversion for. If the attic is going to be used as an extra bedroom, for example, you could make sure you use sustainably sourced furniture. If the conversion includes a bathroom, you can choose water-saving devices, including showers and taps which use less water, while low-energy light bulbs can be installed throughout the conversion.
  • Although adding in some of these features might add a bit to your total initial bill for your eco friendly attic extension, they should help to save you money in the long run.

    Modern Attics are loft conversion specialists who operate right across north west London – in places including Finsbury, Islington, Edgware, Shoreditch, Nags Head, Tottenham, Haringey, Archway, Whetstone, Grange Park, Winchmore Hill and Bowes Park. All our work is carried out to the highest standards of design and craftsmanship, with every attention to detail. We also pride ourselves on our professional, personal service. Click here to find out more about our eco-lofts and get a free quotation.

What Are the Key Pointers for Choosing a Loft Conversion Company?

What Are the Key Pointers for Choosing a Loft Conversion Company?

Loft Conversion Company North West London

If you’ve started your search for a loft conversion company in north west London, you’ll know there are many to choose from. Though this offers home owners in the area a great amount of choice when it comes to renovating their property, it can make selecting a contractor a challenge.

Finding the one loft conversion or home extension company that’s right for you among the multitudes on offer can feel daunting at first, especially if this is your first major renovation project. Here we’ve put together a few pointers to consider when making your choice.

How Experienced Are They?

A company with a proven track record and a long list of happy customers is much more likely to complete your loft conversion to a high standard. As well as checking your chosen company has experience, it’s important to make sure they know how to carry out a variety of conversions. This will help to ensure they’re able to deliver the result you’re looking for and tailor their extension to make the best use of space in your particular property.

Do They Know the Area?

Choosing a local loft conversion company with a detailed knowledge of north west London will help to make your build a lot easier. Whether you’re based in Edgware, Barnet, Colindale or the surrounding area, local builders will know the property stock, have experience of working on similar homes and be able to advise you on local planning rules and regulations.

Will They Manage the Whole Project?

Managing a building project is a big job. Co-ordinating builders, plasterers, electricians, plumbers and roofers is a lot of work, so hiring a company that can manage the project from start to finish for you is a good idea. To make your build run even more smoothly, it pays to select a company that has an in-house team of fitters with wide-ranging expertise, covering all these areas. They will be able to get the job done more efficiently and more quickly.

Can You See Customer Testimonials?

Hearing glowing reports from past customers will help give you confidence when starting out on your loft conversion. Looking at a company website will give you a chance to see photos of past jobs and should also give you confidence that your individual requirements will be considered and the work tailored accordingly.

Is the Work Guaranteed?

A loft conversion is a major project that will impact on the value of your home, so it is worth taking the time to make sure it’s going to be done properly. It is important to choose a company that guarantees its work, as this will give you peace of mind and a reassurance that the work will be completed to the highest standard possible. A long warranty, such as a 10-year guarantee, is ideal.

Loft Conversions by Modern Attics

Now you know what you’re looking for, have a look around the Modern Attics site and you’ll see we meet all the criteria for the best loft conversion companies. We have years of experience, a talented team of highly trained staff and an in-depth knowledge of the property stock in Edgware, HA8 and surrounding areas, as well as across London. We also provide 10-year guarantees for our work.

Modern Attics has a proven track record in carrying out high quality conversions on a variety of projects and can tackle any type of loft conversion you’re looking for, including mansard, dormer, hip to gable and roof conversions. What’s more, we can provide you with your own project manager, arrange all the necessary licences and manage the entire installation from beginning to end. With one of our directors a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and many satisfied customers, as you can see from the testimonials on our website, we really are the best choice for your home renovation.

To find out more, have a look at the services we offer or contact a member of our expert team by calling 020 7254 5222.