Need additional space in London? Lettings Agents & Landlords can talk to Modern Attics

London is the biggest city in the UK with over 7 million residents scattered around the various boroughs. It’s a city of industry, business, entertainment and fame. It’s a vast and varied landscape of culturally diverse communities, impressive structures and iconic architecture.

The only problem?

Space… It’s running out.

Regardless of new developments that the city is seeing and the attempts to broaden the populace capacity, there just isn’t enough space for everyone! Well, that might be a bit of an overstatement, but space is limited. So what is the answer to a landlord and letting agents slowly waking nightmare?

Building extensions, home improvements and attic conversions are ways of maximising space available in each property that is let and rented to tenants. More people are finding it more convenient and cost effective to rent rather than buy right now. And who can blame them?

So the emphasis is on renting properties as individuals, couples, families, groups or shares. But this is where opportunities arise to increase the availability of space. There are many properties in London that are converted from their original structures to house many more people than their original capacities allowed.

Loft conversions, also referred to as attic conversions, are practical solutions. There are options to extend properties upwards, outwards and building annex extensions. Also bear in mind that loft conversions and extensions in general are not just restricted to houses. If you rent or let out a block of flats, or specifically a top floor flat, you can still get a loft conversion.

Of course, there are statutory obligations and permissions that must be considered and looked at before work can be carried out, but it can be different for each landlord/lettings agent. It is always best to consult your local authority on the particulars of the property or properties you let out. Permitted Developments are exclusive to houses, which means that certain conversions, extensions and improvements can be built without having to apply for planning permission. It’s always best to check ahead of time.

The need to rent to more tenants is becoming a bigger issue amongst the association of landlords and lettings agents. There is less space available but more demand for accommodation and rooms. Loft extensions and attic conversions are an answer that is becoming increasingly more popular amongst the landlords of London.

We’ll be following up this blog in more detail about optimising the available space of a rented property in London. In the meantime if you have question or queries please Contact Us.

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