Best Advice on Attic Conversions

Here at Modern Attics we spend our time understanding the core needs of every client, working out what is and isn’t possible when it comes to their attic conversions.

Every single client is different and their attics are really no exception.  So in this current article, we’re going to help you ask all a few of the best questions when it comes to your own attic conversion!  Whether you’re thinking of a new office space, new bedroom or you just want to add some value to your home then hopefully reading through this blog will give you some pointers.

Many people assume that having an attic automatically means it’s good for converting.  This is sadly not always the case though.   For example, if your attic is too low in the middle or the pitch is just too steep you won’t be able to create a room that’s big enough without doing something with the ceilings of the rooms below or some other building work.

This may not be an issue if you’ve got a good budget and you know exactly what you want, but if you’re after a more basic conversion perhaps on a slightly smaller scale, then you may find it problematic.  After all, if you suddenly need to take out the ceilings and do some major building works within the rooms themselves, it might just be more than you bargained for.

Of course budget permitting, anything is possible, but it’s worth knowing that there are usually building stipulations to adhere to so get professional advice in all cases, as this will remove a lot of the headaches later on.

The next thing on your ‘decision’ list is going to be working out whether you want to convert the space you already have or if you want to extend it.   There is a considerable difference between the two options.   If you’re extending then there are building regulations to adhere to, so again, professional advice is always recommended.

Always tell your neighbours of your intentions. While you may want to merrily get the attic conversion underway without letting the neighbours know anything about it, you might come a bit unstuck when you require a completion certificate from the building control officer when you sell the house.  So, while your neighbours don’t need to know everything you should bear in mind that if you have an adjoining property, wall, floor or ceiling then a party-wall agreement is required.  So keep everyone happy!

Make sure you work out the costs before running head first in to the attic conversion.  Whether you’re after a basic conversion or you want something a little more sophisticated, you should always set aside a contingency fund of approximately 15% to allow for any unexpected costs.

And finally, if you’re serious about an attic conversion, think about adding solar panels to your loft conversion.  There are some fantastic Government led initiatives designed to pay you money for producing your own electricity – so take your attic conversion plans as a way to find out how you can save money down the line.

Modern Attics provides a range of attic conversions and is always happy to talk to you about your own plans.  If you’re interested in turning your ideas into reality then contact us any time.

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