Attic Bath and Shower Rooms for your Loft Conversion

An ensuite shower room, a luxurious bathroom, or anything in between, can be an inventive way to make use of your loft conversion. Shower rooms can be a good answer to the question of how one fills the empty but tricky spaces that can be caused by an alcove or sloping roof etc. Work with the natural architecture of your loft, choosing a shower and clever storage solutions for smaller areas. Well-placed mirrors will also create the illusion of a much larger bathroom, lending a light and airy feeling, even to cramped attic spaces.

You can add even more features to larger rooms to add a luxurious touch to your new bathroom. A bathroom in the loft can be the perfect space to relax and unwind, with the right lighting and finishing touches, you could create a place of tranquillity to retreat to after a busy day. Natural loft fixtures such as exposed beams and skylights can aid in finding just the right feel and look that will resonate with you.

An ensuite shower room for loft conversion

Every room is created depending upon the needs of the customer. The bathroom is a very personal space that has to meet a variety of needs and on any given day it may be an oasis of relaxation, a room for reinvigoration, transformation, or even somewhere to play. So, think about the role your loft bathroom will play in your day-to-day life. Will it be used on a daily basis? If so, and there’s limited space, then it may be more practical to include a shower, rather than a freestanding bath.

As always, if you are thinking of converting your loft to create a bathroom it may be possible without planning permission. If your loft is of a sufficient size then you may be able to turn it into a habitable space under permitted development. Avoiding a planning application will speed up the project and may allow for greater scope than planning policy would permit.

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