Bringing natural light unto your conversion with Velux windows

We always recommend using Velux windows in our conversions as we feel that they are the best windows available. They are the best in quality and require no maintenance. Space and light have a positive influence on our energy, mood and concentration levels, and converting your loft with high quality windows will bring the daylight into your life. Installing high quality Velux windows into your roof space allows plenty of natural light and ventilation into the new loft conversion. We can fit a wide variety of styles and sizes, and can advise you on the best position for the windows to go, and they can also fit any gradient of roof. An attic conversion that relies on artificial lighting can feel oppressive. Velux roof windows are specifically designed for maximum daylight and plenty of ventilation whenever you want it.

Velux windows

We always seek to get the best possible outcome for both the loft conversion, and our customers. One of the ways that we go about this is finding the best way to allow natural light into their conversion. Sleep is crucial for brain development and the way we function on a daily basis and so the amount and quality of sleep we get is all linked to the amount of light in our lives. Our modern lifestyles mean we have stopped leading our lives in line with natural light. In essence, our biological clock – or our circadian clock – which helps our sleep pattern, our alertness and our mood, is being tampered with. So we design our conversions to allow as much natural light inside as possible. By exposing ourselves to light early in the morning and throughout the day, and letting the light guide our sleep patterns, falling asleep quickly and feeling a general sense of wellbeing is a natural and welcomed result.

So for quality products and advice, you’re in safe hands with Modern Attics, bringing light back into your life.

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