Cold Snap – Advice from Modern Attics to keep you warm this winter

Have you started to feel the chill of winter’s bite yet? There is no doubt that the autumn is transitioning us from the warmer weather we have been experiencing of late into the chilly, frost bitten, below zero flash freeze of winter. So what does Modern Attics recommend for you to stay warm?
Perhaps that may sound a little dramatic, but let’s be honest, if any of you remember last year’s winter, you will know just how cold it got. The fuel and energy costs get higher every year when the weather takes its inevitable turn and the cost to heat a home can end up being an astronomically expensive experience. So how can you save both energy and reduce your fuel bills?

Simple. Insulation.

Most homes are vulnerable through their walls, windows and/or roofs where a large majority of heat from the home is wasted and lost. 26% of your home energy and heat is lost through your roof and attic.

Loft conversions are of course the best answer to ensuring a well insulated home, whether you turn it into a new room or not. Of course, you don’t need to have a loft conversion in order to fortify and insulate your home.

In order to save you money, help you significantly reduce your energy costs and helping you to reduce your impact on the environment, insulation is the key. No more freezing cold winters where socks need to be worn at all times in fear of experiencing frostbite on your toes!

There are different types of insulation that can be implemented with or without a loft conversions process.

1. Hot water insulation
2. Roof insulation
3. Wall insulation – both cavity and solid wall
4. Draught proofing
5. Floor insulation
6. Double and secondary glazing.

In an ideal world, you should have all of these! If your home has been newly built then most likely it has all trimmings and all the correct insulations to meet with strict modern standards. However, older homes built before these regulations came into force make up a majority of the housing market, and many of them do not have the required insulations.

High quality insulation is one of the best investments you can make for your home. In the long run it will save you money on your utility bills and retain the heat that would otherwise be lost.

Modern Attics recommends that you look into getting insulation for your home. Come the winter, you will be glad you did it in advance. Get your attic, roof and walls checked before the cold snap gets here!

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