What are the costs involved in a loft conversion?

This is a bit like asking how long a piece of string is!  However, you can know what factors affect the cost of a loft conversion if you’re currently thinking about having work done. While there are a number of reasons to have a loft conversion, such as increasing the value of your home or upsizing to make room for new family additions, you will always need to make the same considerations for a loft conversion.

So, the first thing that may affect cost is the house you’re actually living in.  Therefore, if you’re living in a three bedroom house or have a two bedroom bungalow, the cost may well be very different.

So, cost of a loft conversion depends on the size and style of your house.  It is also affected by the type of roof you have and of course the condition it is in.

If you have to have plumbing pipes relocated, then this will be another factor in the overall cost and if you have anything unusual to contend with, you’ll find this will also make a difference to the final cost.

The next element to consider is what kind of scale of project you’re considering.  While a simple conversion will be less costly it may not fulfil exactly what you dreamt of, so bear in mind that when you’re discussing your requirements with a professional loft conversion company, you will need to consider what is feasible within your budget.

Therefore, if you are looking at a complicated layout you must expect there to be additional costs.

The next thing to remember are the electrical works that may be needed for your loft conversion.  This can include lighting, sockets and of course smoke alarms for safety purposes, so depending on how complex your desires, this will also affect the overall cost of the conversion itself.

Then there is the issue of plumbing or more specifically the water tank (if you have one in the loft).  Obviously you may need to get your water tank moved, which in turn means you will need to pay for it to be relocated.

One of the most important parts of a loft conversion that often get forgotten is the flooring.  High quality flooring is essential in offering a loft conversion that will really last you and obviously when it comes to sound proofing you will not want to try and cut costs here if you can help it.  Therefore, consider soft flooring as an option because it will assist in minimising noise to the rest of the house.

All loft conversions are considered on their own merit and the things you want to achieve, rather than a standard list of tick boxes.  So if you’re thinking about having a loft conversion this year, why not contact us for a free quote and we will do our best to assist you.

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