Dust to dust – Loft Conversions

It’s like something out of a horror film! It’s been months, even years, since you last went up there. When you first moved into the place the one room you never bothered to truly tidy up or clean was your loft. Then along comes the day when you need to go up there to get something out of storage or to put something away for safe keeping – that’s when you discover the DUST!

We’re all used to dust, it’s hard to avoid in everyday life, but when dust accumulates to an intolerable level, you need to take action. Loft conversions are often carried out in all types of buildings, homes and lofts. They could be clean as a freshly-polished whistle or as filthy as the muck from a swamp buried deep in the Everglades. Modern Attics wanted to address the problems of a dirty attic or dusty loft to help encourage more proactive spring cleaning efforts.

The best way to approach cleaning a loft is the way you would approach cleaning the rest of the house. Ask yourself; “How would I feel if I had to live up here? How would I feel if I had to show guests around?” It’s a matter of maintaining the home. You don’t necessarily need to get a loft conversion carried out on your property just to make the space clean again (although it helps and leaves the hard work to professionals).  All you need to do is consider the health repercussions if you don’t keep this space as immaculate as possible.

Dust is the number one problem of any loft space. Once it settles it becomes as thick as the pure driven snow but doesn’t look nearly as attractive! As the dirt builds up it creates a trigger effect attracting other unwelcome horrors into the loft such as rodents, SPIDERS, plus other assorted beasties and creepy-crawlies. It becomes a haven for the horrible! Think of the troubles that neglecting your loft can cause you. Once rodents get in it can lead to all sorts of damage. That’s not even to mention the foul smells and odours that spread and seep into all the items you keep up there.

If you or anyone who lives there suffers from allergies the dust build-up can greatly affect the sinuses to the extent where sleeping or moving around upstairs can become difficult without sneezing or trouble breathing. By cleaning out and cleaning up you are not just making your loft cleaner, but safer too!

Of course, the best way to ensure a safe and clean loft is by getting loft conversions carried out in order to take a wasted space and turn into something useful again that also happens to be immaculate. At the end of the day, no matter how you go about cleaning your loft you need to make sure that you maintain a regular cleaning work ethic up there in order to sustain continued cleanliness and health standards.

A loft is only as good as the effort put in to keep it dust-free! For information about loft conversions or for some impartial advice on your loft in general please Contact Us.

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