Feng Shui your loft conversion to create the ideal space

You’ve heard the term used, you probably even have an idea of its meaning, but perhaps you’ve never really tried implementing the art of Feng Shui in your own home, let alone in your attic or loft conversion.

So what is it?

Feng Shui originates, unsurprisingly, from China. It is considered a system of aesthetics designed to orient a place or person (dead or living) in an auspicious and positive way. This ancient method has become increasingly popular throughout the world, although some believe it to be less of a technique for creating pleasingly therapeutic aesthetics and more of a state of mind and a state of being for the person who practices it.

You might even know someone who is always going on about how they’ve Feng Shui’d their room or their lifestyle. You may like the idea, you may not, but with Modern Attics we think it’s a simple case of tidy, clean environments helping to make people’s minds tidy and clean too. A clear room is a clear head.

How does it affect my home?

Loft conversions are in themselves designed to improve the conditions of your loft space. It depends of course on what the goal of your loft conversion was – transforming it into a spare room, insulating, restricting or extending the loft space, maximising floor to ceiling height, window installations, roof alterations etc. Once the loft conversions work has been carried out you will be left with a space to use as you see fit.

The main use for attics and lofts, when not maintained properly or not converted, is for excess storage. Unfortunately, if you’re loft is anything like the average person’s, you avoid going up there to avoid the sheer accumulation of spare furniture, acquired junk, packed boxes and long-forgotten items. It can be a nightmare to wade through it all. Alternatively, you may have had loft conversions carried out on your property and decided to turn it into a spare room to rent out but it still requires organising.

In either of these cases, Feng Shui is a very useful method of creating the ideal space.

How can it help me?

In Feng Shui terms, your house is like your body and mind, which by logic would dictate that the attic or loft is your head space at the very top. If it’s crowded up there, it reflects how your mind is crowded too. Think about it in the sense that if your attic or loft is filled with junk or overloaded, unkempt and burdened, it creates a subconscious feeling that there are problems/issues “hanging over your head,” or that there is a burden on your mind. Clearing out an attic or getting an attic conversion on your property can help to alleviate this heavy burden feeling in your life.

If you’ve already had a clean-out or you have had a successful attic conversion, start thinking about how you use and fill the space. Feng Shui teaches that precision in distance, positioning and use of space is key to creating the right environment, atmosphere and aesthetic that can also help your body and mind too. It’s a mathematical science that helps to improve buildings, environments and people.

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