Best of the best – the finest loft conversions

If you’ve never had the pleasure of having a loft conversion carried out on your home then you might not be aware of just how much value and extra space it can add to the property. Modern Attics has had a lot of experience carrying out numerous loft conversions all across the country.

In today’s blog we wanted to focus on some of the best loft conversions we have ever seen from all across the world just to give you an idea of what can be achieved from the process. The choice of style, look, function and furnishings are entirely up to the individual – as long as the practicalities of a build allow for such design choices to be made of course.

5. The ultimate home entertainment experience

Loft Conversions

This fantastic home cinema room used to be a cramped, dusty attic that had no space for anything but junk. Now, it’s all about space! Perfect decor and matching furniture with a beautiful staircase installed that makes it look like just another room in the house – no one would think it used to be the attic!

4. The spare bedroom that is even more impressive than the main bedrooms downstairs!

Loft Conversions

This loft conversion is almost too good for guests! The amount of space is truly remarkable and the layout of the room has been exquisitely designed and thoroughly thought-out. It’s a stylistic masterpiece courtesy of Welsh ingenuity. Who wouldn’t want this in their loft?

3. Another day at the office?

Loft Conversions

Working from home has never looked so good! A loft conversion that acts as a modern day office with all the trimmings from break area to working space, this is a amazing package that totally defines up the modern day work-from-home professional. An impressive concept & design from Australia.

2. The Quiet Earth

Loft Conversions

If you have a spectacular view from your home then you reaeed to optimise it! This loft conversion took a relatively small space and transformed it into a relaxing, peaceful bay window view. This is an ideal, picturesque scene for when you need some downtime from the stresses of everyday life. Understated perfection in Devon.

1. The heated pool is just too cool

Loft Conversions

Our favourite loft conversion that we have seen is this modern, spacious design with bedroom, open plan kitchen and living space area with a heated pool/hot tub thrown in for good measure. This is, of course, American decadence at its finest!

And that’s our top 5 loft conversions from around the world. Are you beginning to see the possibilities here? Talk to us and find out what you can expect from loft conversions with Modern Attics.

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