A second home upstairs in your loft space

Homeowners across the UK are starting to realise that they can create a whole new world above their current one. A second home upstairs may sound like an exaggeration but it is indeed a reality open to many homeowners. It all depends on the space you have available in your loft and whether you are open to extending it.

A great source of a second income is renting out rooms in your property. One of the reasons why some people do not like the idea of this is because sharing their home with strangers is just too weird a prospect. That’s completely understandable, but that doesn’t mean you cannot invest in building a second home upstairs.

Loft conversions can do wonders for a home and truly open up new avenues of income. Talk through the loft conversion with contractors or an architect. Find out what is possible. If there is enough square footage in your loft then you could create a room with all the trimmings and essentials.

A new bedroom with en suite and kitchen unit gives a tenant all they could ever need in terms of creature comforts, amenities and privacy. What’s more is that this is separate from your home downstairs! The only thing you share with the tenant or tenants is the front door. What makes this so appealing to both homeowner and potential leaser is that it allows autonomy from one another’s lives.

Find out if building a multi-purpose room for rent in your loft is possible. New space can be given if your property allows for an extension. Some people have a new room built above their garage space or at the back of the house, giving a new entrance door to house.

Whether you make your money back through renting out this all-in-one room or not doesn’t matter. The value this adds to a property is immense. If you ever decide to sell up you will find that the investment you have made is repaying in dividends.

Think about what building a second home within your home could do for you financially and spatially. The benefits outweigh the detractions every time. At the very least it is worth doing some research on to find out about costs, practicalities and possibilities. There is never a wrong question to ask because 99% of the time there will an answer and a solution to most problems encountered or perceived.

Investing in the building of a second home is something that should be discussed with the people that share ownership of the property or who take up residence there. The loft conversions process can be an upheaval sometimes if only for a short while. Consult those you live with and if all are in agreement then go on to consult people like us at Modern Attics for more information.

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