Ideas for attic conversions: Spare bedroom

Following on from the previous attic conversions articles about using your attic to create a new space in your home – we asked you to look at what’s in your attic and then consider your options. Today’s blog is focusing on the process of converting the attic into a spare bedroom.

So, how does this work?

Firstly, decide what it is you want this bedroom to be. Are you looking to create a new bedroom for someone to stay in permanently? Do you want to make a spare bedroom for guests that come to stay?

Whatever your intention just be sure that it’s another bedroom that you want!

Some lofts can have limited space so you have to evaluate its shape. Many attics have angled walls and you have to think about if a bed will comfortably fit in there. Is the space feasible? Will furniture find a place to fit? The walls of your attic will determine whether or not it can function as a spare bedroom.  If the attic is too small you may have to consider getting an attic extension. If the space is reasonable and the free site survey supplies you with a positive affirmation all it takes from there on out is a little bit of imagination. You don’t have to be an interior designer, but it helps if you have an idea of what you want it all to look like.

What’s great about the process of attic conversions is that it highlights all the areas of your home that are vulnerable or potentially problematic. Insulation is usually one of the issues that come up. If an attic is not insulated it probably won’t work as a spare bedroom – imagine winters up there – until this has been rectified. Insulating your attic can be a part of the attic conversions process and is one of the services provided by Modern Attics. Insulation helps your attic to retain energy and reduce heat loss, which in turn helps to reduce your energy bills, ultimately making your home more comfortable and cost effective. This can include insulating the attic floors in order to reduce noise.

Consulting your contractors of choice is key to creating a clear understanding of what work needs to be undertaken. Considerations might include: adding new dry wall, adding new flooring or adding new windows. Aspects of your heating system (boiler/water tank) might need to be adjusted during the renovation for practical and/or aesthetic purposes.

Attic conversions to spare bedrooms are fast becoming the most popular choice. Additional features can be discussed and implemented such including basins, walk-in showers or en suite facilities. Space will be created for the necessary furniture such as the wardrobe, desk, chest of drawers and the bed to fit in.

This process can vary depending on the loft space, its size and its practicality. If you would like a free site survey carried out or a free quote for attic conversions please Contact Us.

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