Modern Attics walks you through the key steps of a loft conversion

Undertaking a loft conversion can be a mammoth task if you’ve never had any experience of one before. We can appreciate this at Modern Attics because it’s a big upheaval to your life for a period of time. Although the disruption to your life can be significant, it’s worth it for what you get by the end of it. A loft conversion adds a lot of value to your house, but it can do even more than that. It can open your London home to an entirely new wealth of space to use. It can create new rooms for you to play with and decorate; it can change the flow of your home and make it feel like new again.

Having said that, we know that people fear the unknown of having their loft converted, so we’ve picked out some of the key steps from a conversion to give you an idea of what work will be involved throughout the process.


Getting the property inspected by a professional surveyor is the first and one of the most important jobs to do. Modern Attics will send round an expert with years of experience to size up your attic and see what work can be done. The inspection gives you and Modern Attics a clearer view of what will suit your loft and the style of conversion that you can have. Once the loft has been confirmed ready or suitable for conversion, you’ll need to get planning permission to start the work.

Wiring and reinforcing

With the heavy work required for a loft conversion, it’s important through every step to work safely with everything that currently exists within the loft space. Wires will have to be taken into account and moved or rewired if necessary. The same goes for any plumbing or pipework that runs through the loft space. Conversion can be slowed down if you have an older house with a chimney stack that runs through the loft; this can be remedied relatively quickly depending on whether the chimney is actively used. At a worst case scenario, if the chimney cannot be removed, you can build your conversion around it.

Everything will be structurally reinforced to ensure that the new loft conversion and the floor beneath it can take the extra weight burdens. Modern Attics has years of experience in this and we will reinforce everything to support the new space and its future contents.


If necessary for your conversion, your roof might be extended slightly to accommodate new windows or other features in the loft. This will be done to the same professional standard that all of our building work is.

Although a conversion might seem like a gargantuan and off-putting task to undertake for your home, it can be extremely satisfying. The Modern Attics team has years of professional experience to help support you in every part of your conversion from start to finish. A loft conversion is your chance to reinvigorate your home for the future.

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