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Property prices have been falling since the start of the economic downturn driving homeowners to invest their money back into their homes with attic extensions and attic conversions. This is becoming a more and more popular method for increasing value on properties when it comes to a resale. The state of the market is as such that it has driven homeowners to actively seek out alternative solutions to acquire extra space. The attic/loft is the best source for creating this new space.

Modern Attics has converted many attics into different rooms with different styles and the options available are diverse.  An attic conversion can become a major asset to a home while you occupy it and once you sell it. We have stated that an extra 10% can be added on to a property’s value. Typically, homeowners have tapped into their property equity to finance the alterations they are seeking or even applied for home improvements loans from the bank.

According to statistics a fifth of UK residents are planning on carrying out major structural work on their homes. In 2009/2010 a whopping 5.3 million people implemented such changes. But what exactly was it that they used as their design concepts?

Here is a list of potential ideas and common designs for attic conversions:

  • New master or guest bedroom
  • New bedroom with en-suite
  • Bathroom
  • Living room/Den
  • Office/Study
  • Playroom

A full attic conversion usually entails the implementing of one of the above options. Guest bedrooms and bathrooms are very common. Also with a rise in individuals working from home, home offices are being requested in ever greater numbers.

It doesn’t always have to be about even having a rigid plan for a specific room. You might just want the attic to be refurbished and improved. Boarding it out and installing a good access point with quality lighting to create a simple but effective storage space that is clean and maximises the space available. Either way, an attic conversion makes the property more saleable because everyone is always looking for more space.

In terms of cost, that can vary and is dependent on budget and individual financial situations. Attic conversions in London can cost in excess of £30,000 to £40,000 although the average price throughout the UK is approximately around the £20,000 mark. The cost of employing a specialist loft conversion company is worth the investment to make sure you are getting the best for your money and adhering to the regulations and safety standards of the process. While costs can be reduced from taking on the work yourself, it is not always recommended unless you have experience of some kind in this area. The more complex the conversion, the more you need professionals on board.

If you just wanted to create a basic storage space then perhaps this can be achieved independently, but always consult companies like Modern Attics for advice and to get free quotes for attic conversions.

We will be following up this blog with more specific ideas on attic conversions. If you can’t wait for that, please contact us.

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