Getting ready for your loft conversion

If this year is loft conversion year for you, then you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do to get yourself ready for the work.

It is important to try and streamline things as much as possible, ready for your professional loft conversion company to come in and transform it in to a dream space as planned.  Therefore, one of the first things you’ll want to do is remove any storage boxes or old junk you’ve put in the loft and forgotten about previously.

Many lofts can be real treasure troves, with a combination of old rubbish and family treasures that don’t quite fit in to your daily life.  However, in order to be really efficient when you do a clear out of your loft, it’s important to be a little tough on yourself, so you don’t end up getting your loft conversion completed, only to use it as a more sophisticated version of a store room.

So, first things first – when clearing out your loft make sure that you go through everything thoroughly.  Perhaps create yourself a check list.  A good rule of thumb as well, is to think about how much you really need it and if it has ever been used since it was put in the loft.  Aside from family heirlooms, there’s a good chance that what you thought you might need at the time has simply become clutter.  So, best thing for it is a charity shop or a tip if it’s really no use.

Next, if you find something that you really don’t want but might have some value, best find out!  You never know, you could end up making some money from your loft conversion before it’s even complete.  So it’s worth thinking about everything on a piece by piece basis.

If you have larger family heirlooms or even bits of furniture but you really don’t’ want to throw it out, consider investing in some storage near you.  This can be a very affordable option for you and surprisingly very good value for money.

Once you’ve cleared out the loft and got rid of the rubbish, stored the special items and possibly sold the unused clutter, you can look forward to a new space that will open up a world of opportunity in your home, while adding value to it.

Here at Modern Attics, we are always happy to advise you on your loft conversion and can offer a highly professional service for you, whether you’re loft is becoming a hobby room or a new bedroom!

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