A room with a view… in your loft!

You might think – what? A room with a view in my loft? That’s highly doubtful. Maybe you think that because your loft has no windows or because it is so decrepit that nothing could survive up there other than boxes and dust.

Well, you be wrong! Clearly you haven’t been reading our blog series on loft conversions! There is always more to say about the process; always more ideas to give; always more aspects and elements to address. So for first timers reading up on loft conversion in London or anywhere else in the UK here is our beginners guide to the whole shebang…

These are simple, effective points to help you get to grips with making your loft into a habitable space.

1.       Making Sense of your loft

Get up there regardless of how damp and dark it might be, and begin thinking about how to make the space work for you. Taking measurements is recommended (just be careful – see our LOFT SAFETY TIPS) and you’ll find that there may be only so much usable space.

2.       Maximise your usage of space

Use the headroom, eaves spaces, corners – anything that accommodates for more space or room for storage.

3.       Daylight

Natural light is important. Are you going to use rooflights or dormer windows?

4.       Decide on what you want the loft to become

Shower room? Guest bedroom? Bathroom en suite? Storage?

Think about what you want. Think practically. There’s no point in putting a bathroom there if you’re not going to use it. Make it a room you want or need.

5.       Stairway to heaven

Staircases are imperative to a loft conversion – they provide easy access, fire safety and aesthetics. Sometimes, there’s only one place it can go, but you’ve got to think quite creatively about that. Make it efficient, practical and safe, and compliant to building regulations.

6.       Insulation

Loft conversions provide a perfect opportunity to insulate the area. Doubling up on the insulation is always a good idea.

Ultimately, the loft conversions process is designed to give your loft a room with a view and add value to your home. It’s as simple as that.

For more information on loft conversions and to find out whether your loft is viable please contact us at Modern Attics for more details.

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