Safety precautions to take up in the loft Part 2

In a previous blog we took you through the initial safety precautions of going into the attic for any reason, pre-conversion. Read about the things to watch out for when you are up there HERE. In this follow-up blog Modern Attics wants to explore how to combat against the potential conditions and risks you may experience when going up there for a rummage around or to access specific features (i.e. the boiler). More injuries occur each year in the attic then anywhere else in the home. Most loft spaces are poorly lit cramped, full of hazards, and even structural instability.

So here’s a list of tips to keep you safe…

1. Take a torch with you (ideally a headlamp so your hands are free and there is less chance of dropping the light source).

2. Wear a hardhat. It may sound like an extreme overreaction but it provides protection from any exposed nails or head bumps on the rafters.

3. Get a mask to cover your mouth as there will be plenty of longstanding dust floating in the air.

4. We also recommend you wear gloves as the dirt factor in lofts in usually severe.

5. Don’t count out wearing safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes against fibreglass insulation, dust particles and other assorted debris that become eye irritants. Make sure the goggles give you clear visibility as well.

6. Ensure that you only walk on the rafters. It’s all too easy to take a misstep and literally fall through your loft floor into the room below.

7. Be aware of your surroundings, particularly watching out for exposed electrical live wires and pipes which can be tripped over.  If you find any wires be sure to cap them (wearing rubber gloves!)

8. Ideally, you should not spend too much time in the attic dues to the heat and dusty conditions. Give yourself a time limit and know what your objective is in being up there before you actually go up.

9. Always have someone with you or waiting below as a safety precaution. If something goes wrong you have a safety net so to speak.

10. When it comes to preparing the loft for a conversion be sure to consult the professionals first! If not for hire, then at least for good safety and planning advice.

Modern Attics is extremely well versed in loft conversion and attic safety. For further information on the process of working or exploring your loft space, or for details on loft conversions in general, please Contact Us.

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