When Santa got stuck up the chimney – chimneys and loft conversions

Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat. When Christmas comes around, the attic is usually the place where all of the presents are hidden away from the prying eyes of children and nosey family members. Lofts are used as the storage space for those special Christmas presents, but when Christmas has been and gone, the loft is forgotten about again. It becomes that lonely place again that sits dark and unused. Or it even becomes the place where our unwanted gifts, old clothes and other forgotten knick-knacks sit for months or years without a single thought from us.

Modern Attics is here to tell you that your attic doesn’t need to be a dumping ground at Christmas or any other time of year. It’s time to sit and think about what your loft is currently used for and how you can get the best use out of it. Making your loft work for you is easy with a loft conversion and it can transform a house in the most perfect way, meaning that you don’t have to move away from the home you’ve grown to love. Chimney stacks can throw up a minor or major problem with your loft conversions, not just in London. And although the chimney is Father Christmas’ primary means of access into a house on Christmas Eve, the chimney can be sorted out if it poses a problem in a conversion. Chimneys can be a problem for loft conversions sometimes, as they take up space and have to be either removed or extended above the height of the new loft roof. But we can help with this and possibly keep Father Christmas happy, too.

Loft Conversion and Father Christmas

Some older houses have fires, especially in London, and these houses will often find that the chimney stack runs right the way up through the loft space itself. This can complicate matters and turn a fairly straightforward loft conversion into a slightly more complex process. It all depends on the fireplaces in the home.

When your fireplaces don’t use the chimney, you can remove the chimney completely or build the loft conversion around it. Building around the chimney stack is easy enough. People often want to keep the chimney for aesthetics or to keep some of the older character in the house. When you want to keep the chimney, we will build the conversion of the loft around it, improve the look and incorporate it fully into the new space. This can often add a great look and feel to your newly converted loft in London. Removing the chimney does mean that Father Christmas will have to get inventive when it comes to delivering presents, but he’s pretty savvy after all these years.

Fireplaces that use the chimney stack will mean that removal isn’t an option, but the process can be sorted out relatively easily and incorporated into the loft conversion. Whatever method is necessary, we are on hand to help.

Modern Attics has experience in both removing and incorporating a chimney stack for conversions and we can give you expert guidance and advice on what to do with yours. To get advice, book a consultation or chat to the team, you can contact Modern Attics here.

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