Terraced loft conversions

Terraced house homeowners will all agree that this biggest downside to a terraced property is limited space. It’s not so easy to sell up these days either, turning most people on to the prospect of conversion and renovation in order to get the most out of their property. Terraced loft conversions are the solution to this dilemma providing an innovative solution to problems with space. It can be a more viable and cheaper option than actually moving somewhere else.

Lofts are generally the most underutilised space in almost every home. People forget about them. They are used for storage or merely to collect dust. Lofts are full of old boxes and unwanted knickknacks. And that’s what we call a real waste of space.

Even in a terraced property a loft or attic can offer up to 30% extra living space if utilised right. Transforming the attic into another room requires some careful planning and professional advice. Many homeowners spend a lot of time and money on renovating other parts of their property and never even realise the opportunities they have up in their loft ripe for the taking! The structure of the room residing under the existing roof making a loft conversion incredibly practical.

A terraced house loft conversion is an inexpensive alternative to new construction home additions.
You have to begin by simply clearing out the clutter in order to move around up there. Make a decision about what you want from your new space – master bedroom? En suite? Home office? Spare bedroom? Play room? The choices are practically limitless.

The benefits go beyond creating extra space too. A terraced house loft conversion can increase a home’s value by 20.9%, especially if you convert the loft into a new bedroom and turn your property into a place with even more room capacity. An updated loft can give homeowners a seller’s advantage in a competitive real estate market.
Converting a loft from a wasted storage space into a functional living space is the best option for terraced homeowners looking to amend, improve or change their living conditions. With professional contractors you can have this work carried out with minimal disturbance to the rest of the home.

Shop around for quotes, ask your friends/family for recommendations, research the websites and find out if they are trustworthy contractors. There is no reason why a terraced loft conversion should be any more difficult than a project in a semi or detached property. In fact, older terraced properties are indeed ideal for converting as the roof space is usually very large and the pitch of the roof steep enough to allow for ample headroom without having to build a dormer.

Add space without sacrificing anything else in your terraced house.

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